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5 Best Women’s Running Shoe Review

We all know how important running and jogging are to attain good health, but do you know that your running largely depends on the shoes you wear? The quality of the shoe, the sole, the grip they provide when you touch the ground, and everything that goes into your running shoes is vital and needs to be tip-top, to optimize your running sessions. Today, we will have the 5 best women’s running shoe reviews. So, let’s dive in.

These shoes are spectacular in their use and are a popular choice by women. They report that after using these shoes, the running experience is fun, and their feet don’t hurt or become numb. 

Plus, the grip that these shoes provide is excellent compared to other, low-quality running shoes.

Read this women’s running shoe review carefully and pick wisely. 

Best Women’s Running Shoe Review

1. Women’s Gel-Venture 7 

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Product Features:

Decent cushioning and quality experience: 

As trends set, stylish shoes such as this one have surfaced on the market. Not only does this shoe look attractive, but it also provides a gentle feel whenever your foot lands on the ground. The shoe has a Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system, which enables it to minimize shock and give a smooth jog/run. 

Shock resistance: 

Usually, shoes that do not shock-resistant wear off in due time, and you may feel that your feet experience pain after a session of jogging. Luckily, it won’t happen with this one. Gel-Venture promises to provide joyful running sessions thanks to their premium shoes. 

Commendable durability: 

With an EVA midsole, the shoe is explicitly tailored for athletes who like to jog in rugged areas and mountains. This shoe is designed to face the extremities of the outside world. It will stay intact even if you run on harsh surfaces for long periods. 

Furthermore, Gel-Venture can easily mold the shape of your feet and make it so that the shoe fits perfectly, and every run is full of excitement and fun.

Sturdy grip: 

Moreover, it has an ORTHOLITE sock liner that cushions your foot against the ground, making it easier to place your feet for a brisk or a fast-paced walk. The shoe is constructed with premium synthetic leather, which helps and provides additional grip during running. 

Smooth runs: 

It doesn’t end there since this shoe is known for being durable. A shoe that will face the outdoors is expected to be sustainable, and this shoe is just that. It has High Abrasion Rubber that is placed in critical areas to improve the durability of the shoe. This quality ensures that you have smooth running even on the hardest surfaces like mountains or flatlands.


  • Exceptional grip
  • Commendable durability
  • Attractive
  • Shock-resistant


  • Uncomfortable for people who do not have high arched feet

2. Under Armour Rogue Running Shoes 

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Product Features:

Guaranteed flexibility: 

This shoe makes it to the list of best women’s running shoe reviews because of its additional flexibility, and it’s a neutral shoe for runners of all types. Whether you’re a new runner or a pro, the shoe has been carefully designed to have remarkable flexibility to bring you the desired running marathon experience.


Furthermore, this shoe has a mesh upper that enables it to be extremely lightweight. While running, you may feel that you are barefoot, but it’s the shoe’s materials that make it light as a feather. 

Safe lock: 

With an external heel counter, the back of the shoe stays locked at all times to ensure a safe run, and every time your feet hit the back, they will gently lock with the shoes just to eject when you run once again.

Additional comfort: 

Often, shoes do not have removable sock liner, but this does. This running shoe is comfortable and easily fits in place. Made of 100% textile, the shoe has a synthetic sole for proper support and comfort that women look for.

Safe And Durable:

The fabric is breathable and high-quality, making it a top pick for women who experience pain in congested shoes. Moreover, the charged cushioning midsole will upgrade your running experience while keeping your feet safe. 

This feature also makes the shoe durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to bother about repurchasing new shoes.


  • Flexible shoes
  • Breathable
  • Durable, long-lasting
  • Excellent response when your feet land on the ground


  • Average back support

3. Nike Women’s Reax Run

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Product Features:


For runners who wish to jog with speed and comfort, Nike’s Reax Run is an ideal partner for your running experience And qualifies for our women’s running shoe review. Nike is famous in the market for having the perfect shoes, and women have reported that their feet remain painless after a long run from Nike shoes. 

Quality running experience: 

This shoe is lightweight, and it packs enough force to serve you for a long time while making the shoe feel like a feather. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing a shoe! 

Premium product: 

With a synthetic sole and mesh upper, the shoe is held in high regard for its premium quality. Even with time, the shoe undergoes minimum wear & tear and continues to provide a soulful running session.

Extremely durable: 

Plus, a padded insole prevents damage to your feet, even with long-term use. Moreover, the rubber traction present outside the shoe wraps it up together and ensures that the shoe remains durable in all cases and conditions. It won’t fail you even in the harshest surfaces. 


  • High-quality 
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight 


  • Not for people with slim feet

4. Nike Women’s Epic Phantom React

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Product Features:

Guaranteed satisfaction: 

Our next product is another fantastic shoe from Nike and is a strong contender for this women’s running shoe review. This shoe is specially made for women and has dazzling features to it. With a rubber sole, the shoe delivers comfort & satisfaction with every run. You won’t experience discomfort during and after running, thanks to the sole.

Quick transition: 

Furthermore, the laceless design makes you wear and take off shoes in moments. Gone are the days when tying laces took your time. With this shoe, you can ensure a hassle-free experience.


The shoe can adapt to the runner; it has a fluid geometry pattern that goes over the outsole and makes a complete package of a shoe. With the TPU heel piece, every step will remain stable and smooth, making it a comfort-packed heel-to-toe transition.

Enjoyable experience: 

Backed by Nike React technology, the shoe finds itself on the highest ladders of the shoe market for women. Every running session deserves to be smooth and fun, as it shall be if you have these shoes on.


  • Provide a smooth running experience
  • Quick to put on and take off
  • Easy runs
  • Fits the runner


  • Size problems

5. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus

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Product Features:

Smooth jogs: 

Designed to offer maximum comfort, Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus is a product for all types of runners. As the name suggests, the shoe is tailored to guarantee smooth transitions and running sessions while holding true to its features. 

Beautiful design: 

With a sleek design, the shoe is attractive in look. While enjoying your morning jog, you may impress your friends and family with this shoe. That’s why Air Zoom is considered top-class, it’s the ideal running shoe for women!

Exceptional cushioning: 

A great shoe requires excellent cushioning, and Nike’s Air Zoom has just that. With Cushlon ST foam, your feet will never experience discomfort. Even running for hours won’t cause your feet to go numb, and the responsive cushioning will aid your runs for a long time.

Excellent coverage: 

Furthermore, this shoe is touted for its high-resiliency sock liner, which adapts to your feet and ensures the best runs of your life.


  • Exceptional comfort
  • Smooth runs
  • Fast sessions


  • Less heel comfort

Comparison Chart

Product Feature Unique Selling Point Material
1. Women’s Gel-Venture 7  Amazon affiliate link. Shock-resistant GEL technology cushioning system Synthetic leather
2. Under Armour Rogue Running Shoes Amazon affiliate link. Breathable Charged cushioning midsole Textile
3. Nike Women’s Reax Run Amazon affiliate link. Lightweight Mesh upper Leather and cloth
4. Nike Women’s Epic Phantom React Amazon affiliate link. Nike-React technology TPU Heel piece Leather
5. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus. Amazon affiliate link. Extreme comfort Cushlon ST foam Light and breathable material

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that consumers expect their shoes to last a long time, and they have some questions that they require answers to. So we’ve whipped up an FAQ part to clear your doubts.

1. How many miles can you run in a shoe?

Even though this largely depends on the quality of the shoe, your use, and the surface that you run on but a general rule of thumb is to use them for 300 miles. If the shoe shows visible signs of damage, then that’s your cue.

2. What kind of running shoes do I need?

This depends on your use and style. Some people like to walk and briskly slowly while others prefer to jog or run at pace. Buy the appropriate shoe that fits your purpose.

3. What should you not do while running?

There are many things, but the major ones are that you shouldn’t run endlessly without taking breaks, don’t eat or drink while running, do not ignore pain, and follow training programs that do not meet your age/body type.

4. Which sole is better for running shoes?

Shoes that are made of EVA outsoles are preferable since this makes them lightweight and easy to run with. 

5. Do running shoes hurt at first?

It may take some time for the shoe to get used to your feet. If the shoes hurt even after prolonged use, then consider returning them or buying new ones.

Buying Guide

To understand the market and products better, going through a buying guide is essential. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge to advance in the market and buy your running shoes without falling for low-quality ones. 

You need to consider the following factors when purchasing running shoes.


This part is where the rubber clashes with the road. Companies that sell running shoes are critical when it comes to this part since it decides how your run is going to turn out. Plus, the outsole predicts how long-lasting your shoes will be. 

Make sure you look for running shoes that have a lightweight outsole with decent durability. It shouldn’t be heavy or stiff; otherwise, you won’t be able to run well.


Between the outsole and the upper, there exists a foam material known as the midsole. This part protects you from the impact that your shoe has to face. An ideal midsole is neutral, not too soft, and not too hard. It should provide the perfect amount of cushion, even after extended use.

Heel cushioning: 

Runners often have complaints about heel pains, and this is majorly due to inferior cushioning materials used at the back of the shoes. You may want to search for running shoes that have softer cushioning materials to have a safe and smooth landing. 

Since your shoes will likely hit the ground now and then the material should be sturdy as well, to remain intact for long.

Beautiful shoes:

Understandably, people may buy shoes just because they look good, often these types of running shoes are only there for image building. They don’t offer grip, support, or cushioning, and are a waste of money. 

Shoes that look good may cause an injury to your feet, so don’t go overboard and buy the best-looking shoes in the store.

Small shoes:

Buying the right size is the most important thing. If your shoe does not fit well, you may experience discomfort in even a few runs. So go for the ideal size. 

Of course, you can always have your size checked in the shoe store, and even after trying on the shoes, you can jog a bit to see how it feels when you run. 

After confirming that the shoes fit perfectly and will remain ideal even after a few years, settle the deal and bring them home. 


Running shoes are necessary for enjoyable runs these days. Especially since people wish to run or jog for prolonged hours, running barefoot can be extremely dangerous. But buying quality running shoes is crucial since they need to last a long time and support your runs with ease.

We’re hopeful that this women’s running shoe review helped you in knowing more about running shoes and the best running shoes you can find in the market that comes with fantastic features and are excellent for the morning, evening, or late night jogs. 

Moreover, if you like to know about men’s running shoe as well then read this article on men’s best running shoes as well.

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