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5 Running Shoes 2021 That Are The Absolute Best

New year. New resolutions. We all seem to be super motivated every new year’s eve. But somehow the motivation curve gradually slopes downward as the year progresses. Part of it is because of our inconsistency towards our goals. And that inconsistency is due to us finding new interests as the year progresses. Fortunately, this guide is aimed at building your interest in running. Hence, we’ll be talking about some of the best running shoes in 2021.

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Why do we find new interests? One answer is that we lack the proper equipment and methods to keep us on track toward our end-year goals. 

Running is something we all plan to do throughout the year every eve but somehow fail to do it. Hence, in this guide, we are going to give you 5 of our best running shoes in 2021 that we think will not only keep you motivated throughout the year but also aid in your running and its form. 

Let’s get started.

1. Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

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The midsole of Nike revolution 5 features a soft foam. This enhances the cushioning and comfort of an already lightweight and flexible shoe. The soft foam not only makes sure your feet are comfy and cushioned but also makes sure you have a stable ride in them.

This means more comfort. A ride that’s stable means a run with no serious soreness. One of the best running shoes in 2021 to keep you on track all year long.


Normally you’d expect lightweight running shoes to have less traction, because of their lightweight. But not for Nike though. 

The built-in spaces of the tread allow natural flexion of the foot while the pattern in the rubber outsole ensures you have the perfect amount of responsiveness in all kinds of tracks. Also, the rubber outsole makes them equally as durable as any other shoe known for its durability.


The lower of the shoes feature a rubber outsole while the upper is made of a knit textile. And you must already know what this means; the knit textile is not only breathable but also lightweight. 

Nike is known to make breathable shoes. This show right here is an example. The lightweight material ensures you don’t put on too much dead weight on your shoes and its breathability ensures your feet stay fresh all day long, every day. 


  • Great durability 
  • A good amount of natural support 
  • Comfortable 


  • Not good on high arch support 
  • A little snug around the toes 

2. Brooks Ghost 13

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Shock absorption 

Shock absorption is something every runner needs to keep him motivated. Without good shock absorption, your muscles will start to fatigue in no time. This can be demotivating. 

Fortunately, though, Ghost 13 features an integrated system of segmented crash pads that enhances the shoe shock absorption so your calf muscles don’t do the work they are not supposed to. This shock absorption allows a smooth transition from heel to toe during the gait cycle and ensures you don’t lose your form. 


The shoe features a neutral support type which enhances the underfoot cushioning. The neutral support not only makes sure the cushioning is just the right amount but also makes these shoes quite versatile. 

Now as we always say, a versatile shoe is financially friendly. Hence if you’re under financial stress at the moment and still need shoes for road running and gym, consider buying these. They’re an excellent choice


The underfoot of Ghost 13 features BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushions. The technology not only increases the responsiveness of the shoes to a whole new level but also makes sure they don’t lose their durability. 

BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT are quite lightweight in themselves. This means the shoe is durable, yet responsive and lightweight at the same time. Does this combo not make them one of the best running shoes in 2021? 


  • Amazing shock absorption 
  • Good responsiveness 
  • Innovative cushioning 


  • Would’ve been better if the shoes hugged the feet
  • Needs more cushioning around the heel 

3. Under Armour, Women’s Charged Pursuit 2 Running Shoe

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Charged pursuit 2 features an upper with an engineered mesh. And, if you don’t know already, we are a big fan of shoes featuring an upper mesh.

Not only does it make the shoe highly breathable, for which it is so popular, but also quite lightweight. The upper mesh is engineered which means it pretty much does not put any extra weight on the shoe whatsoever. 


Now for those of you who are looking for flexibility. Look no further than UA charged pursuit 2. The material and the featured strategic support on these shoes make them quite flexible. 

If you’re a beginner runner, you should always look for flexible shoes. The reason is that flexible shoes preserve your natural gait and flex and extend according to the curves of your feet. This allows you to not only develop a nice form but also keep your muscles and tendons from bruises and injuries.

Charged midsole 

The midsole of charged pursuit 2 features a charged cushioning midsole. This allows the shoes to preserve your stamina to the maximum so you could always run a little farther than your daily record. 

The charged cushioning midsole not only provides cushioning but also increases the responsiveness and shock absorption of the shoes so you don’t waste your precious muscular energy on absorbing stride shocks and generating the next gait cycle. 


  • Good responsiveness 
  • Next level breathability 
  • Nice flexibility and responsiveness 


  • Arch support could be improved 
  • Cushioning around the heel area could be improved as well

4. Brooks Women’s Levitate 4

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Bounce back 

The DNA AMP midsole technology is something that sets this shoe apart from all other shoes. 2 things are important in this featured tech: it’s very lightweight, and it enhances bounce back.

The bounceback is very important for fast runners. When a shoe’s features bounce back, it takes the responsiveness of the shoes to a whole new level and preserves energy. Normally, your muscles have to consume a lot of energy for the next gait cycle. But when a shoe’s features bounce back, the amount of energy consumed by your muscles to generate contraction decreases by a large amount. 

This means energy preservation plus extra stamina. One of the best running shoes in 2021 to set new personal records.


One of the factors that determine your pace and speed in running is how quickly your feet transition from heel strike to toe-off phase of the gait cycle. The faster they do, the better you keep your pace, the more energy you preserve, and the farther and faster you can run. 

The outsole of these shoes is designed just to do that. The arrow-like pattern in the outsole makes sure your transitions are as smooth as possible. Normally one would think that patterns are pretty much useless, but you couldn’t be more wrong. It is the small things that count the most. 


The Fit-knit upper on these shoes makes sure your feet are embraced by the shoes. To most people, this doesn’t prove to be an essential feature but try saying this to those who have been running in loose shoes lately. 

The amount of damage friction alone can do to your feet during aggressive, prolonged running is simply too much. However, shoes with a good grip on the feet (without feeling too snug) eliminate the chances of friction giving you painful injuries


  • Great foothold 
  • Highly responsive 
  • Innovative 


  • Could use some padding on the heel 
  • A little hard to put on due to their design 

5. KUBUA Women’s Road Running Shoes


Torisonproof midsole 

Torisonproof midsole is one of the perfect technologies out there for flexibility. Although it is very flexible, it is quite durable as well. Unlike many shoes that when offered flexibility overlook durability. 

Another thing that makes this shoe stand apart from others is its incredible arch support. Hence, if you require a shoe with arch support, then this one right here is an excellent choice. 


This shoe, thanks to its midsole technology and arch support is quite versatile as well. Hence, if you are someone who needs shoes that can be your best friend all day long during 12-hour shifts, then go for KUBUA road running shoes. 


The outsole of this shoe presents quite an interesting pattern for those who have an eye for these things, like us. 

The anti-skid outsole pattern enhances the versatility of this pair of shoes. This allows you to wear them anywhere and in all kinds of weather, irrespective of the presence or absence of water or ice.


  • Non-slip outsole 
  • Great ankle support 
  • Arch support 


  • They squeak sometimes 
  • Slightly snug 

Comparison Chart 

Product Price  Rating  Dimensions  Weight 

1. Nike Women’s Revolution 5

Amazon affiliate link. 

$52.78 – $192.00 4.6 / 5 10 x 15 x 6 inches 0.5 lbs

2. Brooks Ghost 13

Amazon affiliate link. 

$115.00 – $332.06 4.7 / 5 10 x 15 x 6 inches 2 lbs 

3. Under Armour, Women’s Charged Pursuit 2

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$42.99 – $73.38
4. 6 / 5 11.86 x 8.11 x 4.5 inches 0.5 lbs 

4. Brooks Women’s Levitate 4

Amazon affiliate link. 

$118.00 – $259.95 4.2 / 5 10.71 x 6.38 x 4.02 inches 1 lb

5. KUBUA Women’s Road Running Shoes

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$38.99 4.4 / 5 5.51 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches 1 lb

The Buying Guide On Running Shoes 2021


You would want to make sure that your running shoes 2021 are quite durable. Almost everything you buy must be durable, but especially shoes, since they are the most, walked on of everything (pun intended).

Looking back at 2020, the world has realized that anything can happen at any time, and god forbid a year like 2020 comes back, but you never know. Hence make sure whatever you buy for 2021 is very durable and strong and can stand the test of time. 


New year. New you. Make sure the shoes you buy match your aesthetics and sense of fashion. It is not impossible to look for shoes that feature all the things you want while being the cute ones that you like, and will likely get compliments from your friends. 

Some like colorful shoes while others prefer a more monochromatic type. Companies offer all kinds of shoes in all different styles and you are very likely to buy the one you like, with the proper features that are.

Support and cushion

There are different types of arches. Some people have high arches while others have low ones. And then there are the lucky ones with normal arches. Make sure you buy your shoes with proper arch support.

It is important because if the shoes you buy do not feature the proper arch support, it will very likely hurt you and make your running experience an unforgettable nightmare. And it is the last thing you’d want from your running shoes in 2021. Don’t let small things demotivate you. 

Also, if you feel like you need more support around your ankles and heels, then make sure the shoes that you buy feature that particular type of support. 

The same goes for cushioning and padding around the heels and ankles. Many people complain that the shoes rub against the back of their heels and start giving negative reviews on Amazon. Don’t do that.

First, determine if you need padding and cushioning around a particular area in your feet and if you do, buy the shoes that offer padding in that particular area. Don’t complain about the absence of cushion and padding if you fail to get the required one because you didn’t analyze your feet properly.


And that is it for our guide on running shoes 2021. We hope that you buy the shoes that will not only help you break your records but also keep you motivated all year long so you can brag about how you kept your running streak going throughout the year because you care about health and fitness so much. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check out these running shorts to make your experience worthwhile.

Happy shopping. 

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