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Best Cheap Women Running Shorts

For today’s runners:

Getting the right gear for exercising and running is very important. Firstly, everyone wants to look stylish and put together when running. Secondly, and more importantly, comfort is everyone’s preference. Regular clothes are not fit for running or exercising and cause extreme discomfort. They often even hinder one’s ability to move and run freely. Therefore, a pair of best cheap women running shorts is a must-have, especially if running is a part of your regular routine. 

The best running shorts are the stylish ones but, at the same time, make sure that the runner is not restricted. They are made of a breathable, soft, and stretchy material that does not hug the legs too tight. A pair of best-running shorts are also chaff free and fit perfectly. 

They allow maximum coverage so women can enjoy their running sessions freely and comfortably without worrying. Moreover, they are available in several different sizes and styles so the fashionista in you can be satisfied as well. 

If you are looking for the best cheap women running shorts, you are in the right place. We have listed down three of the best cheap women running shorts for you along with their features, pros, cons, and a comparison chart. 

So, without any further delay, let’s dive right in:

1. BALEAF Women’s 8″ /5″ /2″ High Waist Workout Yoga Running Compression Exercise Shorts Side Pocket:

Product Features:

Blended Material:

The BALEAF Women’s High Waist Workout Yoga Running Shorts is a material that is a combination of fifty-four percent cotton, thirty-six percent polyester, and ten percent spandex. This blend of fabrics makes the shorts durable and offers maximum comfort. This blend is also responsible for the elastic and stretchy nature of the shorts. 

Available In Seven Different Sizes:

From extra small to 3XL, the BALEAF Women’s High Waist, Workout Yoga Running Compression Exercise Shorts, are available in seven different sizes. Therefore, no matter whether you are skinny or plus size, you can be confident that you will find a pair that will fit you properly. 

Side Pockets:

The shorts come with side pockets. These pockets are spacious, so you can easily use it to store things like money, keys, and even your phone. No need to carry a purse or bag with you when you go running when you can use these side pockets for this purpose. 


  • Stretchable and breathable material. 
  • Available in seven different sizes. 
  • Many different color variations to choose from. 
  • Suitable for running, exercising, and even yoga. 
  • Blended material for comfort and coverage. 



  • Tend to feel tight around the thighs. 
  • The shorts are a bit transparent. 
  • Color fades after a couple of washes. 


2. Under Armour Women’s Play Up 2.0 Shorts:

Product Features:

Polyester Material:

Unlike other shorts, the Under Armour Women’s Play Up 2.0 Shorts are made out of a hundred percent polyester. Polyester is a breathable and stretchy material that is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is not transparent, so the wearer does not have to worry about coverage issues. 

Side Pockets:

There are convenient side pockets in the shorts. These side pockets are spacious and can be used to keep things. They are not for fashion but are there to serve a purpose. The pockets are deep and make sure that the things remain safe and do not fall out during running. 

Machine Washable And Quick Drying:

Simply throw these shorts in a washing machine for one cycle to clean them. They don’t have specific requirements like hand washing and are very easy to wash and maintain. The shorts’ material is breathable and porous; therefore, once washed, they dry very quickly. The quick-drying material also makes sure that sweat is absorbed and evaporated while running so you don’t end up smelling bad. 


  • 100 percent polyester material. 
  • Machine washable shorts. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear. 
  • Available in six different sizes. 
  • Hand pockets on the side of the shorts. 
  • Absorb sweat and moisture. 
  • Fit entirely and comfortably. 



  • The waistband is too tight. 
  • The shorts tend to bunch up. 
  • Lack of different color variations.


3. ALWAYS Women Workout Yoga Shorts:

Product Features:

Tummy Compression:

The ALWAYS Women Workout Yoga Shorts have a high-waisted design that is not only responsible for the perfect fit, but it also supports the midsection. The elastic waistband is comfortable yet not visible so that a waistline is not cast. 

Breathable Material:

They are made out of ninety-two percent polyester and eight percent spandex. This combination is the reason why the shorts are so flexible and elastic. The pants are comfortable to wear and allow freedom of movement. At the same time, this blend of fabrics ensures that the pants are not see-through or transparent so that maximum coverage can be provided. 

Suitable For A Variety Of Activities:

This pair of shorts will surely go a long way. You can use it as a pair of running shorts and wear them while hitting the gym, doing yoga, or doing any other form of exercise. They will always make sure that you remain comfortable and at ease. 


  • The elastic waistband fits perfectly. 
  • Suitable for exercising as well as running. 
  • Tummy compression to support the midsection. 
  • Lightweight and breathable. 
  • Non-see-through. 



  • Limited size variations. 
  • Shorts tend to roll up.


Comparison Chart:

Product Name


Available Sizes


1. BALEAF Women’s 8″ /5″ /2″ High Waist Workout Yoga Running Compression Exercise Shorts Side Pocket

Polyester, Spandex, and Cotton blend


4.8 stars

2. Under Armour Women’s Play Up 2.0 Shorts



4.7 stars

3. ALWAYS Women Workout Yoga Shorts

Spandex and Polyester


4.5 stars


Investing in a high-quality and comfortable pair of the best cheap women running shorts is extremely important. You will notice a considerable difference in the way you feel while running when wearing ordinary clothes and when wearing running shorts. 

Therefore, the use of the best cheap women running shorts is highly recommended if you want to have a stress-free and comfortable running session. 

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