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Best Shoes For Beginner Overweight Runners

Are you overweight because you’ve enjoyed the food too much? And now you’re looking to lose some of that weight by running? But you don’t have enough experience in running too? Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to our guide on the best shoes for beginner overweight runners.

Unlike many blogs that will tell you to go for softness and cushion in the shoes if you’re overweight, we won’t. Because that is just absurd. It’s the wrong advice!

While there are many logical reasons behind it, here are simple reasons to keep things short and interesting. 

First off, more cushion means softer shoes in general, the shoes, especially the midsole, if soft will become so much compressed under the bodyweight that it will simply lose its support, and you will feel the outsole on your feet. Not the best of experiences.

Secondly, softer shoes are generally the least durable. That’s not what an overweight body needs. The dynamics of an overweight running body can be so complex a less durable shoe will not stand a chance.

And finally, soft shoes and generally recommended stable shoes have quite complex dynamics in heel drop. Which is something beginners should always look into. A standard 10mm heel drop will no longer remain 10mm under an overweight body. 

That’s why we have curated our search of dozens of shoes to find the best shoes for beginner overweight runners, that provide just the right amount of cushioning and support to handle the dynamics of a running overweight body. It might not be the perfect guide but at least it will be a nice place to start. 

1. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

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Although not designed to be a running shoe, after analyzing its design and dynamics, we concluded that it can very well serve to be quite a nice running shoe. Plus, it’s sketchers. They make the comfiest shoes anyway. Here’s what we liked about it



The shoes are extremely lightweight despite their great durability and functionality. We feel like there is no need to put on extra weight on your feet when you’re already carrying the weight of your body. 

The lightweight feel of the shoes is best for beginner overweight runners as they will not distort your form with their weight. And neither will they be a struggle to lift during each gait after long-running hours. It’s just one of the things you must look for when searching for the best running shoes for beginners.


The midsole is by far one of the most important things to consider for overweight runners. And this is something you’ll come across very frequently in our guide. 

Speaking of the midsole, the midsole on these shoes is just the right combination of support and cushion. It’s not too soft to be squished, and neither too hard to hurt your arches. Speaking of which, the midsole has a tapering design that will help support your arches on the next level. This combination is what made us realize it’s one of the best midsole designs for both a beginner and an overweight.

Bamboo lined footbed 

Though this feature does not concern beginners and overweight. It is something that interested us quite much. 

The bamboo-lined bed foot not only makes this shoe quite fashionable to look at, but it also makes it odor-free and breathable. This is something quite interesting, especially considering overweight people tend to sweat more. And so do beginners who lack the proper stamina and training. You wouldn’t want your feet to stink after a nice session of running, now would you? Isn’t it enough that your body is sweating already? 


  • High rebound footbed energizers 
  • Tapering footbed design or arch support 
  • Lightweight feel


  • The insoles are a little less durable 
  • The upper fabric tends to peel away after heavy use 

2. JOOMRA Women Lightweight Sneakers

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The outsole of this shoe is what makes this shoe one of the best shoes for beginner overweight runners. 

The feather-shaped pattern on the rubber outsole makes sure the shoe incorporates the natural motion flex during each gait cycle. For beginners, this means lesser tendon injuries and also much less slipping, and much more avoiding instabilities. This is also great for overweight runners since the pattern can incorporate your natural dynamics and help you avoid injuries. 

For those of you who think the pattern is the most insignificant thing to look at. Say it after wearing a patternless shoe. There are 2 more features of this shoe that we think need to highlight so let’s do that.

Upper design 

The upper mesh design of this shoe is what makes this highly breathable. The whole upper of the shoe is covered with a mesh design so you can imagine how breathable this shoe can get. This means no bad odors anymore.

Also, there’s quite an intricacy going on over here. The 3D-designed upper mesh somehow moves with your feet when you run. It’s crazy but it does. You have to try this. For us, it reduced the friction between our feet and the shoes and that means fewer sore feet. Also, how cool is that?

Lace-up closure

And though not strictly a feature, we think it is something that makes this shoe a nice choice for beginner overweight runners. 

The lace-up closure makes sure your feet become one with the shoes as the shoes embrace your feet like an old friend. For starters, what this does is make sure you reduce friction between your skin and your shoes. 

It also makes sure your feet do not slide inward and out during fast-paced running sessions. For those of you who do not know, it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever. Not only will you get sore feet, but you will also end up with scratched skin thanks to constant friction due to rubbing of the feet with the shoes. The lace-up closure prevents that and we’re grateful for that.


  • Innovative outsole design 
  • Highly breathable 
  • Quick lace-up closure for a comfortable experience


  • Do not have the best arch support 
  • Could use a little more cushioning 

3. GANNOU Women’s Air Athletic Running Shoes

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Air cushion design 

Remember when we talked about how heel drop can be different in static vs dynamic measurements? Well, not for this shoe.

The air cushion design of this shoe makes sure your weight is evenly distributed upon stride so you don’t compress the heels or let your foot slide forward. This makes sure the heel drop doesn’t drop by a lot and makes the transition smooth. 

The heel is soft, Yes. but the design pretty much neglects the softness of the heel for better transitions.


To be very honest, this shoe is quite flexible. It’s breathable and has a lightweight feel to it as well. 

Flexibility is something the best running shoes for beginner overweight runners must always have. As it allows your feet to move more naturally. When you don’t force your feet the curve a certain way thanks to shoe designs, you decrease the chances of injuries

Anti-skid and style 

We just happen to admire the beautiful color combination in these shoes and the sleek design on which the colors dance. It’s something beautiful to wear.

And to make sure you don’t slip on slippery tracks, the sole has an anti-skid design with engraved geometric patterns. This also ensures a better weight distribution so your thigh muscles don’t tense unnecessarily. 


  • Highly responsive 
  • Very breathable 
  • Geometric outsole design for better transitions 


  • Snug toe box 
  • Could use a little support 

4. New Balance Women’s 680 V6 Running Shoe

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ABZORB midsole 

The midsole of this shoe is one of the best shoes for beginner overweight runners. The ABZORB midsole is designed in a way to absorb the maximum impact to give you the perfect transition from heel strike to toe-off phase. Hence, faster running with a stable form. 

Not only does it absorb maximum impact, but it also provides quite some cushioning to your feet as well. Hence giving you a more comfy experience. 

ACTEVA midsole 

Again a midsole technology. The ACTEVA midsole technology is the kind of technology beginner runners should always look for. This technology provides quite a lot of support to your midsole. 

Hence, for those of you with high arches, or with arches that need support. This shoe is something you ought to consider. Also, the technology makes this shoe quite flexible. Hence, a more natural form of running. 

EVA foam

The foam provides quite the cushioning for the underfoot from the tough rubber outsole. Also, this foam is quite lightweight as well, unlike many other foams that put weight on the shoes to which they’re applied. 


  • Just the right amount of lightweight cushioning 
  • The improved midsole for stride impact 
  • Flexible 


  • A little too snug 
  • A little shallow as well

5. Akk Women’s Athletic Shoes

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Memory foam 

Now, this is something that provides excellent arch support for the shoes by adjusting your body weight to different parts of your feet. 

The memory foam is a great inclusion in a shoe that is designed for beginner runners as it can create quite a natural gait while making sure things stay comfy and cushioned on the inside. 

Besides arch support, they stabilize the feet and help absorb heel shock as well. 

MD soles 

The shoe is designed to be comfortable and lightweight while providing the right amount of cushioning. 

Keeping that in mind, the company has included MD soles in these shoes instead of regular rubber soles. But don,t worry. The soles are durable enough to give you a comfortable experience. You won’t even know the difference once you wear them. It just makes the shoe lightweight

Mesh design 

The mesh upper of this shoe makes sure the shoes have excellent breathability. This feature even adds more to the comfort and cushion goal of the company. 

These features are just the ones that make this shoe one of the best shoes for beginner overweight runners. It is durable and absorbs shock all the while being comfy and cushiony. 


  • A very lightweight feel 
  • Mesh upper for breathability 
  • Memory foam for better gait 


  • Could also use a little cushioning around the ankle cuff 
  • The overall support could be improved 

Comparison Chart 

Product name Price  Rating  Dimensions  Weight 

1. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4   

Amazon affiliate link. 

$34.95 – $125.65 4.5 / 5 4.57 x 12.91 x 7.8 inches 1 lb 

2. JOOMRA Women Lightweight Sneakers

Amazon affiliate link. 

$25.49 – $28.04 4.3 / 5 9.5 x 7.1 x 3.5 inches 0.6 lbs

3. GANNOU Women’s Air Athletic Running Shoes

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$34.99 – $42.99 4.1 / 5 11.81 x 3.15 x 3.94 inches 0.8 lbs 

4. New Balance Women’s 680 V6 Running Shoe

Amazon affiliate link. 

$34.05 – $169.0 4.6 / 5 23.62 x 15.75 x 11.81 inches 2.2 lbs

5. Akk Women’s Athletic Shoes

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$35.99 – $37.99 4.4 / 5 13.86 x 8.86 x 4.41 inches 0.5 lbs

The Buying Guide On Best Shoes For Beginner Overweight Runners 


Generally, it is advised that beginners need to have as much cushioning as possible. As beginner runners are more prone to serious injuries. However, this advice, for us, is not the perfect one. 

Remember we’re talking about overweight beginner runners. Also, note that the more cushioning, the softer the feet are in general. The extra weight of the body can easily compress the cushioned underfoot. It will pretty much nullify the whole support of the shoe, and make it less durable as well. 

Hence, the right thing to do is go for a shoe that provides not too much cushioning and not too little as well. Just make sure the shoes are not extra soft. 

Heel drop 

This is something you will see a lot in buying guides. It’s included in many of our buying guides as well. But here, it has an important function.

You see, the static heel drop is far different from the heel drop the same shoe provides but under the dynamics of running. The standard heel drop is 10mm. But it does not remain 10mm when you’re running. It reduces to half or even more than that. Which means you’ll lose its support. 

There are several things you can do to prevent this drop in heel drop. You can either go for shoes that featureless compressible outsole, or a tough rubber outer sole. Or you can get yourself shoes with a heel drop a little higher than 10mm. But don’t go too high as they are unfit for beginner runners. 

The best shoes for beginner overweight runners are usually not soft ones. The softer the shoe, the more its heel drop will decrease during running.

Arch support 

This is something you should be looking for in almost any shoe, not just in the best running shoes for beginner overweight runners. And, it’s also important for beginner runners as they need as much arch support as they can get. The reason is that running can be cruel sometimes and the arch support will help you stay away from those cruel injuries as much as possible. It will also lessen the extra tension and stress on your calf muscles. 


That’s it for our guide on the best shoes for beginner overweight runners. The guide is far from complete, true. But it is somewhere you can start. We hope that our guide has proved to be helpful.  

Lastly, if you’re a fitness freak then you might also want to have a look at these running watches as they are both stylish and affordable.

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