difference between running and walking shoes

Difference Between Running And Walking Shoes

Running and walking are two sports you can pick at any point in life. However, It may not be as simple as just getting up from bed and running or walking. Being different sports, they both require different types of shoes. You can’t just go around walking or running in your flip-flops. The difference between […]
best running shoes for beginners

Best Running Shoes For Beginners

Running is a sport you can pick up anytime you want without needing specialized gear. So, are you too wondering to start running? If yes, you need the best running shoes for beginners to get started. Since you spent the last year or two very passively, like most of us, it may have led you […]
Running shoes vs walking shoes

Running Shoes Vs Walking Shoes: Which Is Better

A running shoe differs from a walking shoe in several ways. First, runners should not run in walking shoes since most are too stiff and do not flex as much as runners require. As a result, many walking shoes aren’t suitable for fitness walking. We are here today to decode the differences between running and […]
best running shoes for achilles tendonitis

Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

If you are a runner, you must be familiar with Achilles Tendonitis. Like the Greek warrior Achilles, this one is no less of an opponent. But you can fight this battle easily with this ailment if you get your hands on the best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.  Achilles tendonitis is inflammation in one’s tendon […]
best ankle sleeve for running

Best Ankle Sleeve for Running

Most of the runners face ankle pain and joint issues during the run or after they have finished the lap. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in this field, ankle pain might obstruct you from pushing your limits. More pressure will be exerted on your feet and Ankle with each step. With each passing […]

Best Running Shoes For Ankle Support

Running might be the most accessible training exercise you can start with as a beginner and master in no time. Running requires nothing from your side but dedication and a good pair of running shoes. A non-runner can be trained to perform in a 10k race or a marathon in no time if he has […]