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Is Running a Sport? A Detailed Guide

Running is a sort of motion that might be categorized as terrestrial motion and allows us to move rapidly on earth. But have you ever been asked what your favorite sport is? Running might be a sensible option, but there is still a place to argue for some whether running is a sport or not! Some consider it as a hobby while others are pursuing it as a sport. But is running a joke or not? Let’s delve into further details to have a detailed answer.

Is Running a Sport?

People have various diverse ideas and definitions about “running a sport or not!” However, by definition, you can call running a sport as per the facts and information stated below. Let’s have a look at the qualities that urge us to call running a sport. 

Physical Exertion:

The first and foremost attribute that a sport must exhibit is what we call “physical exertion.” As straightforward as it looks, any sort of motion that flexes your muscles, including running and yoga, can be called a sport. But that doesn’t count yoga as a sport. So, the amount of physical exertion and the degree of movement decides further. The intensity of physical exertion can be regarded as low to moderate to high. Thus, the activities with less intense muscle movement will fall on the list of low physical exertion and put less pressure on your lungs, heart, and blood flow. However, running is regarded as an intense activity that burns 7 KCal/minute

Running Requires Skill:

Calling any activity a sport might require you to understand whether and how much skill is required to pursue it. As per the definition of sport, it’s customary to be involved in a medium or high degree of skill. Thus, researchers have put forward data according to which running is ranked at 38th number on the difficulty of sports ranking charts.

If we look closely at the skill or score level of running in different categories, it will be as follows.

Skill Score/ Level
Flex 5
Flexibility 5
Power 7
Nerve 2
Agility and mobility 4.7
Endurance 4
Aptitude 2

A Competitive Environment:

The definition of sport calls for competitiveness as no sport is complete without it! Now, what can be regarded as a competitive sport? A competitive sport requires an athlete or individual to accomplish goals by overcoming obstacles as per the resources. Acquiring good scores and having healthy competition is the beauty of a sport! Thus, running can be regarded as a sport due to being the world’s largest competition known as the “Marathon.”

There are also some other competitions regarding running races, including sprints, middle-distance races, long-distance track races, marathons, and more.

Organizations for Running:

Any activity might get the title of a “sport” if it has the organizations, whether at the national or international level. There exist multiple International Running Organizations that conduct more than 400 races worldwide each year in case of running.

Thus, is running a sport? By this time, you must have got your answer that running can be regarded as a sport under certain conditions. However, to pursue this sport, you might need stable and sturdy gear. The running shoes might be at the top of the list in all the equipment as the stability in gait and a flat foot movement requires a well-built pair of shoes underneath your feet to reduce the impact force from the ground. Hence, keeping this in mind, we’ve got you covered with the best running shoes as well after thoroughly answering your enormous confusion, i.e., “is running a sport or not?” Let’s delve into the details.

Best Running Shoes for men and women

You must be well-aware of the most confusing situation, i.e., is running a sport or not! Therefore, next up, we have the top 5 best running shoes to help you pursue this professional support without any flaws.

1. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneakers:

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Cushioning and Support:

No wonder why most of the population is interested in the fact that “is running a sport or not” as running shoes are getting fame at a much faster pace than ever before! New Balance Women’s FuelCore has proved it with its utmost cushioning and support. The midsole cushioning with REVlite midsole installed onboard has changed things a lot for beginners and professional runners. As a female, you must understand the impact of force or energy rebound from the ground, which might affect your knee or ankle muscles. But the same is not the case with this Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1!

NB Memory Sole Comfort:

New Balance has its patented Sole Comfort technology by which they utilize a specialized insert with a plush feel. With every step you take, running or walking sessions will be much more joyful. Not only for running but you can wear this pair all day long as it can go with any outfit.

Sleek Design:

Apart from the supportive fit, what comes next is the sleek outlook! You can wear this pair of running shoes all day long and carry them with its contemporary bootie design. The bootie upper will have you covered with a snug and supportive fit and help you run miles even on rugged terrain.

Lightweight yet Sturdy:

The FuelCore Nergize is famous for its lightweight, sturdy design. The upper material is made up of synthetic material and supports a range of colors to fit your everyday needs. There’ll be no-fuss styling, and you can dress up and down with ease.


  • Supportive fit
  • Midsole cushioning
  • NB Memory sole insert
  • Lightweight feel


  • Thick tongue

2. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe:

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Unique and True Sense of Comfort:

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam shoes are equipped with truly unique and ultimate technology, which does not fulfill the casual styling but offers athletic style comfort. You can pair up the bold and athletic look along with the plush comfort to have a soothing effect on your ankle muscles. These can also be regarded as cushioning-enabled shoes, which make running easier but keep your feet dry and protected even during the hikes.

Foam Midsole:

Unlike every brand, the New Balance Men’s ROAV V1 has the Fresh Foam Midsole technology, which lets you feel like you’re on the seventh sky while running, jogging, walking, or cross-training. Additionally, an ultra-cushioned lightweight ride can be experienced while wearing these running shoes as they have the Fresh Foam Midsole engineered with precision and technology.

NDurance Outsole:

New Balance always comes up with something new and extraordinary for its users. This time, we have the NDurance Outsole on board which lets you acquire the ultimate comfort and convenience. Moreover, the outsole can endure the impact force from the ground and survive the durability test in hard-wearing areas. Still, wondering if running is a sport or not. Get yourself these New Balance Roav V1 running shoes and push your limits.

Ultra-Soothing heel:

New Balance has the ultra-soothing heel onboard, which can outperform all other competitive brands without any hassle. The ultra-heel design hugs the heel and ankle muscles from the back to avoid overstretching.


  • Ultra-soothing heel design
  • 8mm heel-to-toe drop
  • NDurance Outsole
  • Ultra-cushioned midsole


  • Low arch support in the structure

3. Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoes:

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Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt running shoes have adopted the new style and maintained the comfort, convenience, and joy of the previous generation. Adaptability and strength are critical features for this Lite Racer and can thus be regarded as running-inspired shoes. With a simple outlook inspired by the run and walk series, this pair of running shoes are comfortable to wear and can be carried with any cool outfit. No matter how harsh the weather is or how hard the morning hits you, wear these adaptable running shoes from none other than Adidas!

Stay Lightweight:

No running shoe compromises on the material, fabric, or outsole to make it lightweight! What if we tell you that Adidas has put forward positive efforts to employ such material in construction which is lightweight yet sturdy enough to last longer? Adidas Men’s Lite Runner has an incredible breathable upper fabric that comes out as an “everyday” wear item.

Snug and Cushioned Feel:

As we already know the answer to the question, i.e., “is running a sport or not?” it’s time to equip with the best gear that supports the bottom of the feet. While looking for running gear, the shoes might be your top-most priority as a runner.

Sock-Like Fit:

Apart from the cushioned feel, a sock-like fit attribute makes the Adidas Men’s Lite Runner Shoes shine out of all others! Its running-inspired design will help you adapt to the best-ever feet movement, but the mesh upper controls the rolling of feet.


  • Synthetic outsole
  • Snug and cushioned feel
  • Mesh upper
  • Sock-like fit


  • A bit of size issues for some runners

4.    Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes:

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CloudFoam Technology:

Adidas has recently launched a new CloudFoam technology which has stunned professional runners with its comfort and convenience. Women’s feet are somewhat different than men’s and require more shielding from the ground impact force. The CloudFoam technology will help reduce the rebound from the ground and is regarded as the ultimate “runner’s friend.”

Memory Foam:

CloudFoam technology is not the only thing that Adidas is bragging for! These Adidas women’s Running Shoes are manufactured with the memory foam sock liner, which gives a similar feel compared to the moisture-wicking cloth. No matter if you’re looking for extraordinary comfort or a cushioned feel, memory foam will absorb much of the stress and make your run experience lighter and smoother.

Rubber Sole:

Rubber soles are considered the most effective as they do not usually slip on the wet floor. This feature makes these shoes eligible for the hikes and the gym floor, made up of wood or tiles. Apart from the rubber sole, the platform measures 0-3 inches from the ground so that you can feel lighter and runs faster.

Perfectly hugs the feet:

Adidas Women’s CloudFoam pure running shoes are made from 100% synthetic textile-lined upper material. What’s noteworthy is that it hugs the feet of women with a firm grip and comfort that it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing running shoes.


  • Rubber sole
  • 100% synthetic
  • CloudFoam Technology
  • Textile lining


  • The upper material is too thin

5.    ASICS Women’s Metaracer Tokyo Running Shoes:



The Limited Edition:

ASICS has this Metaracer in the sack, which is a limited edition to celebrate or symbolize the city of Tokyo and Japan! The Sunrise Red color depicts a fresh outlook and urges the runners to push their limits on the streets while running or jogging. Metaracer Tokyo has a unique attribute: the presence of pores in the upper to drain any water that might get you comfortable during the run.

GuideSole Technology:

Metaracer from ASICS has the Guidesole technology, which will be bliss for all professional runners trying to deal with ankle or knee pain. A carbon forefoot plate along with a curved sole structure for extra comfort. All in all, the shoe’s whole structure will help runners save some amount of energy.

You might see a rolling or curved design of the shoe at first sight. This specialized design will help runners to move forward even with a light push. All in all, the Metaracer Tokyo, along with the GuideSole feature, is all you need for excellent training.

FlyteFoam Midsole:

On top of all comes the FlyteFoam Technology, which provides extraordinary comfort and convenience and helps runners have high responsiveness from the shoes themselves. Additionally, the multi-directional mesh upper not only improves the ventilation but stability and comfort.


  • Carbon footplates
  • FlyteFoam Midsole Technology
  • Mesh upper
  • Powerful drainage of water


  • Narrow footbed

 Comparison Chart:

Products Brand Material Special feature

1. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneakers

Amazon affiliate link. 

New Balance Rubber and mesh upper Midsole cushion, REVLite midsole, NM memory foam

2. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe

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New Balance 100% mesh Synthetic sole, Fresh Foam Midsole

3. Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoes

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Adidas Rubber and textile Slip-on design

4. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam pure Running Shoes

Amazon affiliate link. 

Adidas Rubber and synthetic sole Cloudfoam memory sockliner

5. ASICS Women’s Metaracer Tokyo Running Shoes

Amazon affiliate link. 

ASICS Mesh upper with carbon plates Flytefoam technology, engineered mesh upper

Is running a sport? – Buying Guide:

Now you’re well versed with the answer to the most asked question, i.e., “is running a sport or not?” But finding the right pair of shoes for your next running session is still confusing or a challenging task to accomplish. Rushing toward the local shoe store without having prior knowledge will not help you get the right deal. Therefore, we’ve got you covered with each factor or point of consideration that you need to understand before purchasing the best running shoes for your next running, walking, jogging, or cross-training session. Most retailers might offer a free trial period to customers, especially professional runners. But no matter if you’re buying your first pair or the third, simply browsing through the hundreds of products is not enough. Let’s delve into the details.

Factors to consider before buying the best running shoes:

Upper Material:

Starting from the top, one of the significant attributes that you must consider before buying a pair of running shoes is the upper material. It will help if you consider buying one with a combination of synthetic leather and textile fabric. The textile fabric mesh will offer a breathable nature, while the leather will provide durability simultaneously. On the other hand, the professionals say, “everything above the sole must be made from the mesh and fabric with the sewn layers of lather to create a one-piece upper.”

Ankle Collar:

After the significant debate, i.e., is running a sport or not, the following main issue faced by most of the runners is ankle or knee pain. Ankle muscles are often stretched or sometimes torn by extra pressure or stress. The less flexible ankle collar might also cause injuries to your ankle bone. The best running shoes are those which wrap your ankle via utilizing the ankle collar.

Heel Counter:

The following attribute that makes the difference is the heel counter, which will benefit your heel and whole bottom feet area. A semi-rigid cup placed inside the rear foot will support the heel and wrap around the heel area to soothe the already injured muscles.


The saddle is one of the critical areas which decides the stability and comfort of any runner. The arch of one’s feet is not only supported by the saddle, but it interacts with the laces to hold the feet securely. Thus, the experts recommend considering the saddle before you buy running shoes.


The answer to your most asked question, i.e., is running a sport or not, might be a little confusing for some in the past. But we have tried our best to utilize the latest knowledge to address this issue. As per the definitions and stated information, running can be considered a sport and requires well-made gear to be pursued. Running shoes are the topmost priority for the runner to start with! We have compiled a list of the 5 best running shoes for men and women so that you can get the right deal. You can also check out this article on Long Distance Running Tips

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