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Sweatproof Over Ear Headphones

Everyone needs a bit of motivation for weightlifting, cross-training, running, or any other strenuous form of workout. Are you one of those who need equipment to keep up the things; sweatproof over-ear headphones are a must! We’ve been digging the quality headphones, whether on-ear or in-ear, for you for years now. Worry not, as we’ve got your back as always and got you covered with the best sweatproof over-ear headphones you might need for your next workout session.

Why do you need sweatproof over-ear headphones?

Everyone has their motivation boosters, and music works for most of them. Listening to your favorite music will help your brain boost enthusiasm, and you’ll end up pushing your limits. But why sweatproof over-ear headphones? In-ear headphones can also be a good choice as they offer perfect noise cancellation and insulation from the surrounding noise. But what they lack the most is the sweat-resistant and waterproof ability! This attribute will hinder their ability to perform well the athletes who break a sweat while working out. No matter, if it’s outside weather or sweat, over-ear headphones, will work in both situations.

There might be rumors about the sweatproof headphones being bulkier and warmer than the in-ear ones, but the reality is far away from this! Over-ear headphones can be a little more in weight, but their noise cancellation, insulation, sound quality, and grip are far better than the in-ear ones. Additionally, losing an in-ear earphone on one side can be a bit painful for you as it’ll make the whole gadget useless.

There are plenty of other benefits of sweatproof over-ear headphones, especially for athletes who cannot take a day off from training. Look no further as we’ve compiled a list of the best sweatproof over-ear headphones for you. But before we get into that, here’s why you need to own these nifty gadgets in your life. Let’s delve into the benefits of these headphones.

Benefits of sweatproof over-ear headphones:

A perfect fit:

Sweatproof over-ear headphones perform well for the athlete because they are equipped with firm grip attributes. No matter how hard you’re training and how fast you’re running, these headphones will offer a more precise and better grip than the in-ear ones which can produce a discomforting feel sometimes. Also, these over-ear headphones can easily tackle the impact force-generating during the workout and stick to your ears like glue. The sports over-ear headphones will have a strong head clamp as well to support the overall grip.

Comfort and Convenience:

The following attribute that makes these sweatproof over-ear headphones a choice for every athlete is the comfort level. The in-ear headphone will give an uncomfortable feel, especially when you’re involved in strenuous exercises like running, jogging, and during workout sessions at the gym. You’ll not focus on your training as the ears will give a clogged feeling with the sweat and earphones.

Additionally, the on-ear headphones present a firm fit for both small and large-eared persons. If any of you have sensitive ears and can’t take the pressure on your ears, you can alter the cushion pads for these. All in all, on-ear headphones come with plenty of options to choose from! And these have got every athlete covered with their versatile features and attributes.

Noise Cancellation:

One primary attribute that has left the in-ear headphone far behind is the noise cancellation and isolation from the surroundings. Bigger gyms are loud and have a lot of noise from the machines or the music playing inside. On the other hand, if you’re running outdoors, the sound of traffic might distract you. In both situations, noise isolation is a must to have in your headphones.

Over-ear headphones have a specialized layer of foam installed, which will cover your ears from all sides to reduce the noise. Moreover, it’ll eventually improve the overall music listening experience as well. One more benefit of having these sweatproof over-ear headphones in your arsenal is the versatile option. You can select from the open-end and closed-end headphones.

Open-end headphones:

These sweatproof over-ear headphones comprise no noise isolation from the surroundings.

Closed-end headphones:

On the other hand, if you want complete noise isolation from the surroundings, you’d love to wear these closed-end sweatproof over-ear headphones.

Sweat resistance:

This must be the reason why you’re here! The sweatproof over-ear headphones are designed to resist moisture, whether it’s sweat or rain. It’ll help the athletes push their limits while breaking a sweat in gym training sessions or outdoor showers. Additionally, the impact generated during the workout sessions might bang your headphones on the floor or in the muddy water. No worries! The water resistance will still work!

However, keep in mind that the IPX rating has to play a significant role in deciding water protection levels.

Portable and Versatile:

Sweatproof over-ear headphones are versatile in their purposes! These come in different shapes, sizes, and technological specifications. You can pick from the wired and wireless ones as well. Working out being a professional in the gym, the wireless one would save you much time and reduce the hassle.

Now that you’ve come across all the good reasons why you should own these sweatproof over-ear headphones. It’s time to go through the list of the top 5 products in this regard.

5 Best Sweatproof Over-ear Headphones:

1. iJoy Matte Finish Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones:

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Listen to Joy:

iJoy wireless over-ear headphones are the dream of many as these headphones bring real joy to your workout sessions. If you love listening to music during workout sessions, you’re a music lover as well, apart from the fitness enthusiast. Thus, these best sweatproof over earphones provide the correct and accurate bass response, which lets you enjoy real music for a motivational boost.

Extended Frequency Response:

Generally, headphones offer a limited frequency range by which these gadgets can produce a specific level of sound. That’s not the case here with these iJoy over-ear headphones as it offers an extended frequency range response. All in all, you can listen to jazz, rock, party, and plenty of other types of sounds clearly and effectively.

Full Control:

iJoy headphones never compromise on the controls! It comes with the 5-button control system, which includes the play, pause, answer, and volume up and down buttons. You can adjust the equalizer as per your music listening taste. Soothe your ears with the quality sound and eminent music response with these iJoy headphones!

Micro-SD Port:

What’s noteworthy in these iJoy Headphones is the Micro-SD port! A built-in SD card port lets you play your favorite music tracks without connecting to your phone or PC directly from the external memory card. A built-in radio receiver and a microphone also come along with this pair of headphones for hands-free calling. There is no need to take out your mobile phone to answer important calls while you’re in the gym or running on the road!


  • 6-months exchange warranty
  • Deep and accurate bass response
  • Micro-SD plug-in port
  • Built-in microphone


  • Customers complained about charging port issues

2.    Back Feat FIT 6100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones:

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Excellent Stability:

Workout sessions need motivation, and music can be the source for many athletes! Since it is a motivation booster, you must equip yourself with the best sweatproof over-ear headphones with premium stability and a unique sport-fit design. The headband is ultra-stable and offers a firm fitting even during rigorous or strenuous training. Last but not least is the hexagonal pattern which not only offers an extra grip but can withstand vibrations and impact.

Sweatproof design:

All you need is sweatproof and water-resistant over-ear headphones to tackle extreme weather or sweating conditions during cross-training and workouts. The IPX5 rating makes sure that the headphone survives sweat, rain, moisture, and water spills. The breathable cushion maintains the airflow side by side!

24 Hours backup:

These wireless rechargeable headphones reduce the hassle of wiring as well as excessive charging. It can survive all day long (24 hours) with a single charge. What’s noteworthy is you can charge the headphones for 15 minutes, and they’ll play the music for a complete hour.


  • 3.5mm audio cable included
  • 24 hours backup time
  • Built-in microphone
  • IPX5 water-resistance


Poor noise isolation

3. TRELAB Z2 Over-Ear Headphones:

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Flawless Sound Quality:

These TRELAB over-ear headphones bring the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature onboard, which lets you hear quality sound without any hassle. Hear flawless music quality wirelessly using the Bluetooth 5.0 technology along with aptX codec on-board. On top of all that, these over-ear headphones bring in total comfort to the users by blocking the noise and annoying gym sounds.

Wireless Convenience:

TRELAB Z2 comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that lets you run on the roads or has focused workout training sessions in the gym without interrupting the music quality. Also, you don’t need to take out your cell phone after every set of exercises or a mile of run as the control system on the over-ear headphones can manage everything.


IPX4-rated water resistance lets you wear this pair in all types of workouts and cross-training sessions. No matter if it’s raining outside or you’re breaking more sweat, these headphones can survive the moisture at their best.

Long Battery Life

These sweatproof over-ear headphones can provide the 35H continuous playback time and a quick recharge feature. This way, you can have multiple visits to the gym in a single charge!


  • Ultra-soft material
  • 3-hour rechargeable time
  • Built-in microphone and CVC 6.0
  • No heat issues


  • A bit bulky for some users

4.    JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless On-ear headphones:

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Built for Gym:

JBL has taken great care of fitness enthusiasts and come up with the right pair of headphones for gym persons. The Under Armour Fabric Technology by JBL is no doubt an ideal choice to wear during workout sessions. Additionally, the SuperVent lining introduces the breathability factor, which maintains the airflow. Thus, breathability, lightweight, durability, and versatility are all the attributes of the JBL Sport Headphones. Under Armour Grip also lines the headband from the inner side, which gives a firm grip.

Speed Charge Feature:

You don’t need to wait for the charge now! These JBL headphones come equipped with a fast-recharging process, which lets this gadget survive for a complete hour with a 5-minute charge. Additionally, the headphone can offer a 16-hours backup time with a single charge.

Rugged and Durable Design:

What’s noteworthy among all features is the JBL’s enhanced durability with its rugged design. It comes with an IPX4 rating and is even tested by plenty of athletes and found helpful.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • On-ear perfect fit
  • Aluminum material


  • Uncomfortable to wear for hours

5.    JLAB Flex Sport Gym Workout Headphones:

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Bluetooth Playback:

JLAB will help you enjoy the music playback effortlessly and without any hassle! You can have a 20-hour playback time with a single charge and that too on wireless mode. There’s no need to keep the cellphone in hand or pocket as always because Bluetooth can have a connection even when 30 feet away.

Moisture Wicking Pads:

You must be sweating more while working out in the gym. Worry not as comfortable moisture-wicking pads can provide all-day comfort even during outdoor running or gym sessions. You can also set your desired fitting needs and customize your convenience, including the loose or tight tension band. The ear cups can also be removed and are machine washable for extreme comfort.

Control System:

What’s next in these over-ear headphones is the universal control system by which you can control all the necessities. You can skip tracks, control volume, answer calls, and enjoy a hands-free call with this universal control system using these over-ear headphones.


  • Full-range audio with deep bass
  • Two-year warranty
  • Universal control system
  • 20-hour battery life


  • A bit expensive
Products Brand Noise Control Type Weight Form Factor Connectivity

iJoy Matte Finish Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones 

Amazon affiliate link. 

IJoy Active Noise Cancellation 8.2 ounces Over-ear headphone Wireless

Back Feat FIT 6100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Amazon affiliate link. 

Plantronics Sound isolation 240 grams Over-ear headphone Wireless

TRELAB Z2 Over-Ear Headphones

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TRELAB Active Noise Cancellation 8.9 ounces Over-ear headphone Wireless

JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless On-ear headphones

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JBL Active Noise Cancellation 0.53 pounds On-ear Wireless

JLAB Flex Sport Gym Workout Headphones

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JLAB 191 grams Over-ear headphone Wireless

Comparison Chart:

Buying Guide- How to choose sweatproof over-ear headphones?

These sweatproof over-ear headphones come in various shapes and sizes, which has made a choice difficult for most athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Worry not, as we’ve got you covered with the factors that might help you get the right deal. Let’s have a look!

Sweat resistance:

This might be the primary reason why you’ve landed on this page, i.e., sweat-resistant headphones. While working out hard in the gym, you’ll break some sweat, or you might like running outside in the rain. In both situations, the sweatproof over-ear headphones will reduce the hassle and help you push your limits- no matter what happens! Also, you might not want to ruin your investment in headphones due to excessive sweating.

Comfort and Fit:

The next thing you must look at in the over-ear headphones is comfortability. Make sure to buy a pair that clamps on your head firmly and does not move while working out hard in the gym or running outdoors.

Quality of Sound:

If you love listening to music during your gym sessions, you’re a music lover as well, apart from being a fitness enthusiast. That’s where the sound quality matters! Make sure you’re buying headphones with integrated noise cancellation or isolation features so that you can listen to the music or lyrics.


Daily workouts, gym sessions, and outdoor running must be a part of your life. Employ things that boost your motivation and help you build more courage, and listening to music can be one such thing. However, you might lose your expensive headphones due to moisture or sweat. Not anymore now! We have compiled a list of the 5 best sweatproof over earphones that will help not skip a workout!

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