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Getting Back Into Running – A How To Guide

You might be a fitness enthusiast who has started running outside to accomplish fitness goals and get a good physique. You might be pushing your limits faster than before and attaining a healthy lifestyle. But all of a sudden, something stops you from running right in the middle of the track. You might have injured yourself or pulled your calf muscle. Not just the injury but a busy schedule or getting a new job project can also be why a break from running. Therefore, your gains in mileage acquired fitness, and pace will disappear in a breeze. Worry not, as we have got you covered with all the factors that you might need to consider for getting back into running. Let’s delve into the details!

Tips to Follow for getting back into running:

Get Back into Groove:

Once you’ve decided to get back into running, you must try to make this thing a habit again! You can do this by having a consistent and steady routine with no offs! Don’t try to run miles on the first day, but instead start with the small distance by focusing on consistency.  

For example, you can set up your goals for the first day, a week, or even a month before pushing your body to a new level. This way you’ll be able to develop a habit of running again within a week or two. Keep in mind that you’re opening up your muscles after a long reconditioning of the tendons and ligaments, which must be done carefully and correctly.

Schedule Helps A lot!

The next thing you must consider before getting back into running is to make a schedule! You must make a habit of running at the specified time, either in the morning or at night. Follow the schedule as per your skill level, i.e., either beginner or a professional, to accomplish the goals.

Cross Train to Build Endurance

You might don’t want to run 7 days a week! Worry not, as cross-training on the days when you’re not running will help you even build more endurance and stamina. However, keep in mind not to overstress your joints and muscles and develop light cross-training habits, including swimming, aqua jogging, cycling, and simple walking.

Don’t Return Injured- Limit your Mileage:

Getting back into running after an injury requires you to be careful as you might don’t want to put pressure on your pain area again! Thus, the expert recommends limiting the mileage once you start running again. Do not increase your mileage too quickly, as a steep increase might hurt you again!

It would be best if you started with a slow pace and then pushed your limits each day. Begin with a minor route and extend your mileage—remember not to run on consecutive two days when you’re starting after a long time.

Race to Push Limits!

If you’ve already pushed your limits a bit by running for a week or two, then it’s time to break more sweat! Getting back into running will be a lot easier if you convince yourself to participate in a race event or arrange one for yourself. However, you can ask your family members to create some fun and motivation by participating in the race.

Stay Positive:

Getting back into running might be a bit difficult for you, but once you’ve made it, things will be relatively more straightforward. However, you might find it frustrating to look back on your past accomplishments, and those seem impossible to you now. But you can beat even your self-records if you’re determined and courageous.

Since you’ve decided to get back into running, you might need the updated and modern running gear. Look no further as we’ve got you covered with the best running gear of all time where you can buy yourself a nice and comfy pair of running shoes, socks, running belt, and more. Let’s delve into further details:

Best Accessories for Getting Back into Running

1. URPOWER Running Belt:

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Neoprene material 

One of the notable things about the URPOWER running belt is its high-quality neoprene material. It is highly durable and can endure harsh weather conditions. You can take the zipper waist bag on hiking trips with you without worrying about it getting ripped. It is the best material for travel waste bags as you can wipe them clean easily. 

Spacious zipper compartment 

Usually, waist bags are not so spacious, but the URPOWER one has enough storage to allow you to carry a big phone. Along with your phone, you can also take your other belongings such as tissue, hair ties, charger, medicine, etc.  


If you think you can only use the waist bag to carry your small belongings, you are wrong. You can easily take two small water bottles in this waist bag. We know you must be feeling astonished by this fact. It has two small adjustable straps at the side of the zipper pocket. You can carry your water bottles easily when feeling dehydrated. 

Adjust to your waist 

You can depend on the waist bag for literally anything you need. Apart from all the fantastic features, it comes with an adjustable strap that you can use to tighten around your waist. It also has a lifetime warranty which is exceptional as it ensures the bag will last you for ages. 


  • Adjustable to waist size 
  • Store water bottles 
  • Carry key essential in zipper pouch 
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • Uncomfortable belt 

2. PAPLUS Ankle Compression Sock :

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High compression 

If you have an injured ankle or are suffering from an injury, PAPLUS ankle compression socks are a lifesaver. You can wear these socks when going for a workout as the target compression is best for easy movements. It helps make the blood flow seamlessly; hence, avoiding cramps and any kind of stress to the feet. No wonder why it’s considered the ideal sock line for getting back into running! 

360-feet protection 

When recovering from a foot injury, it is essential to be extra cautious. Adequate compression and 3D progressive pressure design are exceptional in vanishing any pain and keeping the ankle protected. We love how users have full liberty over their movement. It engulfs your feet correctly from all directions and avoids any sports injury. If you are a sports lover, these socks are ideal for you. 

Perfect for daily wear 

The premium-quality breathable socks are made with super-light material. You will not feel extremely hot wearing these in the summer all day. Hence, they are perfect everyday socks that you can wear with your regular shoes as well. 

Sweat absorbing material 

If you think that these socks are made using low-quality and thick material, then you are wrong. These socks are the best to fight intense weather conditions as their material is super soft and breathable. It absorbs all the moisture and sweat from your feet, leaving them clean. 


  • Sweat-absorbing 
  • 360-degree protection 
  • Ideal for daily use 
  • Enhances performance 


  • Expensive 

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes :

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Synthetic material 

If you have had foot injuries in the past, you may know how crucial it is to select the right shoe. The mesh and synthetic material are a great combination to secure your foot while letting the air pass. These materials are incredibly durable and endure harsh conditions. You can wear them to play sports or even go hiking wearing. 

Gel soles 

The rearfoot gel technology is one of the best features of these shoes. You will find a gel layer at the shoe base, which provides extra comfort to a user. It gives a soft cooling sensation which is ideal for the summer season. The ASICS shoe does not make your foot sweaty, but it provides seamless support to enhance your performance making it the ideal choice for getting back into running! 

Removable sock line 

It is highly annoying to wear a shoe with a sock liner sticking out. This shoe can be a lifesaver as it is removable, and you can easily stick it back in. The sock liner absorbs the sweat leaving your feet clean and dry. The kit also avoids the excess dirt build-up at the base of the shoe. 

Trail specific shoe 

The ASICS shoes are trail-specific, due to you can go up and downhill without losing control. They provide a better grip, which is an exceptional feature for people who have suffered deep tissue injuries in the past. 


  • Trail specific shoe 
  • Gel soles 
  • Removable sock liner 
  • Better grip 


  • Low-quality stitching 

4. Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles:

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High arch support 

One of the best things about the Plantar Fasciitis arch insole is that it provides high arch support. It is an ideal solution to minimize pain and alleviate support. The support is adequate to heal lower back, feet, and calf injuries at an impeccable pace. If you are a sports person, then this is going to work well for you. 

Effective pain relief 

It is not easy to get back to a routine when you have just recovered from an injury. Plantar Fasciitis is best for athletic use, and it provides adequate pressure on your foot. You will get used to the pressure in 3-5 days. It is the best pain relief solution without taking any medications. 

PU memory foam 

The PU memory foam lining is the ideal material for insoles as it provides maximum comfort. The soft cover is the perfect thing as it helps in reducing friction and provides maximum stability. It helps in enhancing a person’s performance as well. 

Risk-free purchase 

The noteworthy thing about the shoe is that it is a risk-free purchase. It has a one-year manufacturing warranty which tells people about its durability. You receive a nicely packed box with high-quality insoles and maximum comfort. These insoles do not transfer color, or the material does not rub off. 


  • Foot pain relief 
  • High arch support insoles 
  • Premium quality 
  • 100% risk-free purchase 


  • Pricey 

5. BALEAF Men’s 5 Inches Running Athletic Shorts

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Drawstring closure 

One noteworthy thing about the BELEAF athletic shorts is it has drawstrings. While you work out, you need well-fitted shorts to feel comfortable. We love how you feel super comfortable wearing these shorts. These shorts allow you to move around with ease and do high-stretch exercises. 

Polyester and spandex material 

The shorts have polyester and spandex material which works exceptionally well for people who like to do heavy exercise. It is a stretchy material that helps you do heavy lifting, pushups, and squats. It is a lightweight material with exceptional breathability. The material will not stick to your skin in the summer. It provides the best fit and support to a user. It has a mid-thigh coverage which is decent to work out in. 

Side pockets with zipper 

One of the unique features of the shorts is two side pockets. These pockets are ideal for carrying your essentials such as a phone and other accessories. You do not have to worry about losing your accessories as it also has a zipper.  

Easy to wash 

These shorts are not only made with excellent materials, but it is also easy to maintain. You can wash them in a washing machine with your other clothes. It barely takes any time to dry and does not shrink upon washing. It is the best pair of shorts for boys who do not like hand-washing garments. 


  • Drawstrings 
  • Machine washable 
  • Breathable material 
  • Pockets with zipper 


  • Not durable 

Comparison Chart:

Product   Brand   Material   fit What’s unique

1. URPOWER Running Belt

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URPOWER Neoprene  Adjustable  Zipper pockets for extra storage

2. PAPLUS Ankle Compression Sock

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PAPLUS Premium breathable material Snug fit Designed to boost performance

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

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ASICS Synthetic and mesh Snug fit Medical orthotic sock liner

4. Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

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Easy Feet Thermoplastic polyurethane, polyurethane foam, gel Snug fit High arch support

5. BALEAF Men’s 5 Inches Running Athletic Shorts

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BALEAF 95%polyester 5% spandex Loose fit Quick dry

Buying guide for Getting Back into Running Accessories:

If you are suffering from an injury, you must feel tough getting back into running. However, the right accessories can sort you out and make the recovery process more manageable. Here is what you should buy for getting back into running. 

Running soles 

One of the things that we see most people ignoring is the suitable soles. If you have suffered from an injury and require proper support, then orthotic soles are the best. You will find a lot of medicated soles as well that provide high arch support. 

Running socks 

Running socks are as important as running shoes in your life. They provide 360-degree protection to save you from any potential injuries. Hence, it is crucial to look for socks with breathable yet high-quality material. There are many socks available in the market but always look for premium breathing material. It helps in absorbing sweat and moisture from your feet, leaving them clean and dry. 

Running shoes 

Running shoes are essential accessories if you want to get back to running and that too safely. It is necessary to ensure that the shoe has gel padding as it keeps the feet cool and comfortable. One of the factors you must consider is the shoe material. Mesh and synthetic material are great against the skin, and it also protects the feet from any injury. Hence, pay more attention to buying shoes that provide you with comfort and increase your performance. 

Waist bag 

Waist bags may seem like a vague accessory to own, but it is more valuable than you think. You can use a waist bag to store your accessories so that nothing distracts you while you are running. Select a waist bag with enough space to hold your belongings and also some water for hydration. 


Getting back into running after an injury or a break might be a little challenging for you but not impossible! You can follow some tips to start a whole new journey mentioned above. If you need the best running gear, we’ve got you covered with running shoes, a sock liner, a hiking or running belt, and more. Stay positive and start with low mileage to get yourself in shape again!

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