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how to prepare for a run

How To Prepare For a Run – An Extensive Guide

Even an Olympic runner had the first race somewhere back in the past. Thus, if you’ve decided to start your running career or just want to pursue it as a hobby, you need to go through some basic steps to prepare yourself. Buying running shoes and having the roadmap in front of you is not enough to take your first step. Running days can be a bit-wrecking for you as you need to multitask and put your brain under stress by focusing on plenty of things at once. You must focus on your training, goal setting, and every other thing that would help you reach perfection. Want to know how to prepare for a run or what you need while attempting to run for the first time- keep on reading!

Running can be fun as well as a healthy activity for every one of us as it can be regarded as the fuel to your soul. It not only keeps you fit physically but helps you stay active mentally as well. But at the same time, it can be a nightmare for some when suffering from any injury or pain. Recovering after a long time and getting back to the running is quite challenging but not impossible if you’ve courage and determination. Once you’ve decided to get back to running or you’re attempting for the first run, you need some tips and tricks to arrive at the finish line calmly.

Here we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help you get the answer to the most asked question, i.e., how to prepare for a run?

How to Prepare for a Run? – Tips and Tricks to Follow:

Schedule a Run:

First things first, making a running schedule is what you need to do! Running at unusual times and with no pattern and irregular manner can cost you much. Therefore, always make a timetable for your running and try to keep the schedule consistent. Moreover, extend your running time by 10% each week or month, i.e., after each milestone. For example, if you’ve started running from ten minutes, extend it to 11 minutes and then so on gradually.

Stretch Yourself:

Before you begin a run, stretching must be a part of your preparations. Many of you might end up pulling your muscles by directly hopping onto the track without stretching the muscles. You can adapt the active stretching exercises, including rope skipping, high-knees, grapevines, and more, to stretch your entire body. Also, there are two types of stretching, including active as well as static stretching.

Make sure not to hold the static stretch for more than 15 seconds as it can put extra stress on your muscles. Active stressing is considered more useful before a run as it can mobilize your whole-body muscles.

Decode for the Pace:

As per the experts, the pace is a crucial factor in determining the positive effects of running on your body. However, it is suggested that to start with a slower pace, even for days and weeks, once you’re comfortable with a pace, increase it a little bit and observe the changes in your body—the point of concern here to push your limits gradually. Don’t be betrayed by the extra confidence and motivation level yours.

Get Hydrated:

Before you start running, make yourself hydrated enough to replenish the fluids. Because once you start stretching your body, you’ll break some sweat. If you started running with that lower amount of fluids in your body, you might end up losing your senses in the middle of the track. Therefore, drink plenty of water once all day long, even before and after running as well.

How to Train Yourself for First Run?

Do you wonder how to prepare for a run? TRAIN! Either you’re running for the first time or continuing after a while; training yourself is essential in both situations. Thus, get ready to train yourself to uplift your self-esteem and confidence for a bit of a new journey of your life.

Select the proper running form:

Once you’ve decided to prepare yourself for the first run, it’s customary to choose the proper running form. First of all, you need to explore your running style by taking a few steps. Some of you will be the heel-strikers, while others might land on their toes. But experts have quoted that none of the styles is better as compared to others. Therefore, you can maintain your innate style of running to avoid any injury.

The Run-Walk Method:

The answer to one of the most asked questions, i.e., how to prepare for a run, is not complete with describing this Run-Walk method! This method corresponds to the situation where you need to walk and run alternatively. You must have walking brakes between your running cycle after equal intervals. This method, proposed by Jeff Galloway, asks you to decide the ratio per your skill and health level. For example, you can have the 10-30 seconds of run and then 1-2 minutes of walk, or you can alter as per your comfort level!

How to prepare for a run? The Best Running Gear!

1. AIKENDO Running Pound Belt:

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Soft and Flexible:

While running, you might find it uncomfortable to wear a belt as it may break extra sweat onto your belly, which will cause a scratchy rash-like feel. This AIKENDO outdoor running belt will solve your problem with its soft and comfy fabric. The fabric material is also breathable and non-jiggly. No matter what items you put in this belt, it’ll stay in place while running and moving.

Phone Holder:

AIKENDO’s jogging belt has a durable and sturdy phone holder case, which offers a firm grip on your phone. The zipper on this phone holder case is much more durable than all other brands as it survived thousands of tests before coming to the market.

One size fits all:

Another feature that makes it worth buying for everyone is its one-size-fits-all! You don’t need to waste your time searching for the right kind of size anymore now. AIKENDO has launched sizes ranging from 27″ to 44″ accompanied by elastic straps to fit right.

Water Resistant:

Running in the areas where there is rain or humid weather or hiking in the mountains may require you to have the water-resistance property. Do you wonder how to prepare for a run in wet areas? Worry not, as AIKENDO has got you covered with such resistant material to keep your valuables safe and secure. A unique headphone hole design will save you from the further inconvenience of opening up the phone holder case in rainy weather.


  • Large holding capacity
  • Water-resistant material
  • Three pockets
  • Soft and breathable fabric


  • The phone holder case might be small for some models

2. OMAX Knee Compression Sleeve Premium Knee Fit:

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Right Fit for Every Knee:

Not everyone’s knee has the same size and shape! Worry not, as OMAX has got you covered! You can choose the right size for your knee as it comes in 4 different sizes, including small, medium, large, and X-large. The overall dimensions can range from 14.5″ to 23.5″, which can fit every knee shape and size without any hassle.

Knitting Design:

Running with an injured knee might lead you to an extreme level of inconvenience and discomfort. The knitting design of this compression sleeve offers the optimal pressure onto your knee bone and surrounding muscles using the 4-way stretch technology. Not only this knee brace will keep the tendons and ligaments warm but in place to provide an extra cushion.

No Slipping:

While running, no one would like to settle the knee strap in its place every 2 minutes. OMAX knee compression has form-fitting and comes with anti-slip silicone, reinforcing the knee sleeve in its proper place. Even without sacrificing Comfort and convenience, this knee compression sleeve with anti-silicone material can be worn during any sports activity.

Lightweight and Breathable Design:

Knee straps can give a sort of discomfort feel while you’re wearing them for so long! But that’s not the case with this OMAX knee strap made of purely breathable and lightweight fabric and can maintain the airflow. The top-notch quality fabric is also equipped with tear resistance to withstand heavy stress during the run.


  • Sweatproof knee sleeve
  • Anti-slip silicone material
  • 4-Way stretch knitting technology


  • Might roll off the knees due to size issues

3. Compression Running Socks for Men and Women:

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Style as well as Comfort:

What else does one need when you can have both Style and Comfort in a single place! The compression running socks for men and women is a style statement in itself and brings a different sort of confidence while you wear them. The durable compression running sock is made up of durable fabric, which is intended to last longer than usual.

Low Cut Design:

Not every pair of socks is made for running and hence can cause utmost discomfort or can be worn out during longer runs. The double-stitched fabric of these low-cut designed socks is worth buying when you’re out for your first run. The socks present a firm fit for running shoes, flats, sneakers, joggers, and more. Additionally, the low-cut design might also be called no-show socks, offering Comfort to your midfoot and heel area without squeezing your aching toes. The moisture-wicking cloth will absorb the sweat and will not unusually rub your feet.

Soothing Feel:

The stitches and clothe joints are not in a place where they’ll rub along your heel or toes. Moreover, the Physix Gear Sport has also taken care of the pinching and additional ankle support. All in all, these low-cut stamina socks can be easily worn and taken out in no time.


  • No pinching
  • Breathable low-cut design
  • No stitches for uncomfortable feel
  • Moisture-wicking clothes


The seam can kill toes for some

4.    Lixada Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts:

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Durability and Comfort:

how to prepare for a run? Get yourself a comfortable pair of shorts! Lixada 2-in-1 men’s running shorts are other names of durability and Comfort as they possess 100% polyester fabric which is not just durable but keeps you cool during the workout sessions. Compared to other running shorts, these are considered helpful due to their breathable nature and extraordinary double-reinforced stitching. Last but not least is the lining of the Lixada Men’s Shorts which presets a perfectly smooth feel.

Moisture Wicking Cloth:

Lixada Men’s shorts have impeccable and outstanding moisture-wicking clothes built for the long run! The chafe-free moisture-wicking cloth will absorb the excessive sweat and let you feel lighter with optimal Comfort and protection. Additionally, this fabric is meant to dry quickly and prevents scratching on your skin even if you wear it all day long.

Reflective Logos:

Running at nighttime can be a bit dangerous, but the reflective logos have taken care of it! These logos will shine once the headlight of a car coming from behind falls on it. Moreover, the quality zipper back pockets can keep your essentials safe, including the mp3 player, wallet, keychain, or any other item.


  • Long mesh liner
  • Moisture-wicking clothes for a comfortable feel
  • Elastic closure at the top
  • 100% polyester fabric


  • Customers are facing size issues

5. Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Authentic Workout Running Shirts:

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Soft and Dri-Fit:

What’s noteworthy among all other features is the newly launched Dri-Fit technology by the Neleus Men! The comfy and moisture-wicking clothes will not only keep your armpits and chest dry from the sweat but give a softer feel to let you feel lighter during the running sessions. If you’re wondering how to prepare for a run, Neleus has got you covered with the proper running shirt! However, you can wear it on different occasions, including race events, cross-training sessions, and more.

Reflective Logos:

Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Authentic Shirts are famous for their reflective logos, which give a professional look! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, wearing this well-made running shirt will offer a comfortable experience overall.

Sports Style:

Ultra-comforting technology alongside the lightweight fabric makes it a super-ideal choice for sportspersons. You can wear it on any occasion, including racing events, trails, cross-training days, and more.


One noteworthy feature that amazes most professionals is the protection against harmful UV rays. Whether you’re running in shade or in bright sunlight, the UV safeguards will not let the skin burn.


  • Spots style lightweight fabric
  • Reflective logos
  • Perfect for the gym and running


  • Arms are too short in size for some

Comparison Chart:

Products Brand Type Material What’s unique?
1. AIKENDO Running Pound Belt Amazon affiliate link. AIKENDO Running Belt Soft and breathable Large holding capacity, zipper phone case
2. OMAX Knee Compression Sleeve Premium Knee Fit Amazon affiliate link. OMAX Knee strap Soft and breathable Optimal pressure, hand-wash, tear-resistant
3. Compression Running Socks for Men and Women. Amazon affiliate link. Physix Gear Sport Socks Lycra fabric No squeezing and pinching, firm ankle support
4. Lixada Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts. Amazon affiliate link. Lixada Shorts 100% polyester Breathable fabric, chafe free, reflective logos
5. Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Authentic Workout Running Shirts. Amazon affiliate link. Neleus Shirt Soft and breathable Reflective logos

How to prepare for a run?- Get the Right Running Gear:

Many of you might be preparing for your first run but are confused about the right equipment or gear! You don’t need to! We’ve got you covered with the right type of running gear to help you take the first step.

Best Running Knee Straps:

If you’re starting in the first place or recovering from a knee injury, knee straps will be helpful in both cases. Get yourself nice and well-made knee compression sleeves made up of moisture-wicking fabric and Lycra for flexibility.

Best Running Socks:

One of the most underrated items in running gear is the pair of socks. Getting a nice pair of socks for running will save you from excessive sweating, discomfort, and aching of the toes. We’ve got you covered with the Compression Running Socks for Men and Women from Physix in this regard!

Best Running Clothes:

Apart from the additional accessories and wearing items, these running shirts and shorts carry much importance. You must not want to be soaked in sweat from head to toe while running with an uncomfortable feeling. The well-made shirts and shorts made from moisture-wicking fabric will save you!  


No matter if you’re getting yourself ready for the first run or recovering from a past injury, a new start will always be challenging. But it can be fun doing if you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above. We’ve also got you covered with the right running gear and accessories you need for a fresh start. We hope that one of the most asked questions, i.e., “how to prepare for a run,” is now addressed! Check out the 5 Best Knee Sleeves for Running

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