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Best Running Shoes For Ankle Support

Running might be the most accessible training exercise that you can start with as a beginner and master in no time. Running requires nothing from your side but dedication and a good pair of running shoes. A non-runner can be trained to perform in a 10k race or a marathon in no time if he has that courage and non-swollen ankles. Hence, what you need is to build your strength and focus on your endurance gradually. Best Running Shoes Ankle Support can be an ideal choice in this regard. Let’s see how!

There are plenty of benefits of having run as part of your training. These benefits include improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, a lean body, and a perfect posture. Moreover, running will help you boost your energy, and you’ll end up having more confidence, courage, and belief in yourself.

But with swollen ankles, feet, or injured finger bones, you will not be able to bear an impact force from the ground. There are quite a few ankle problems that might resist the runner from getting all that fun and joy. We’re here with some tips and tricks to help you get rid of ankle pain while running. Once you’re done with the tips, we have compiled a list of running shoes with ankle support that might exert gentle pressure on your ankle and foot bones.

What caused the “actual” pain in your ankles while running?

Many of you might be confused because what in “actual” causes pain in your ankle while running or training? But there can be multiple reasons behind this uncomfortable feeling, and a list of best running shoe ankle support would be the best option to avail. Let’s delve into further details and know more about the pain causes and their cure.

Achilles Tendon Inflammation:

One major cause of ankle pain is tendonitis, where you can have a swollen ankle area. Achilles Tendon is the most affected muscle attached to the calf on one side and with the ankle on the other. Any inflammation can lead to pain even while walking. Adding a soft and gel-like heel to your “running shoe ankle support” will help you eliminate this situation.

Tearing of Ligaments:

The next one is the sprained ankles, a condition where you tear up your ligament and tendons surrounding the ankle region. This might happen when you accidentally roll your feet inward or outward. But worry not, as wearing the best running shoes for ankle support will help you bear the impact force from the ground.


Another factor that might be why most of the runners suffer from ankle or knee pain is fractures and injuries. A high amount of stress and overusing of the feet can even cause minor cracks in the ankle bone, which can be pretty painful. This situation can be reduced by having flexible and sturdy midsoles which can bear the stress.

5 Best Running Shoes Ankle Support:

1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS21:

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Extraordinary Support:

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS21 is specially designed for runners who need extra support and comfort while running, jogging, or walking. It offers a great riding experience with reliable backing due to being soft, flexible, and rugged at the same time. This pair of shoes will relieve ankle pain and go easy on your feet. You can forget the shoes even while wearing them all day long as they are light as a feather. That’s one of the reasons why it is regarded as the Best Running Shoes with Ankle Support! 


Ankle pain can worsen when you’re wearing the wrong shoes, which continuously puts negative pressure on the bone. The right amount of stability and support will help you get rid of the pain and swelling. Look no further when you have the Men’s Adrenaline GTS21, which offers the right amount of stability to maintain your gait and movement of your feet. High energizing cushioning will soothe the muscles surrounding your ankle and help you run on any terrain without feeling any hard impact.

Balanced Movement:

A soft yet rugged midsole in these Adrenaline GTS21 will help you train in the gym or have a running session afterward. The reason is the DNA LOFT Crash Pad, which cushions the footfall and keeps the gait maintained and balanced. These shoes can adapt to your stride in no time, and you’ll end up having a smooth ride.

Modern Fit:

A streamlined and perfectly engineered mesh upper will save you from any uncomfortable feel while running or during the workout session. The modernized 3D Print upper fabric will hold onto your feet firmly and present a good outlook.

Holistic Support System:

What’s noteworthy in these Adrenaline Shoes is the Guardrail holistic support system, enabling a runner to run and walk smoothly. Not only will it shift the soothing effect to the most critical areas around your ankle, but it can protect the injury-prone parts of your feet.


  • Streamlined 3D Print upper
  • Holistic Support System
  • Rubber sole
  • DNA Loft crash-pad


  • Not good for faster tracks

2. Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer:

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Web-Lock Down:

You might be looking for the best support for your ankle and surrounding tissues! Look no further as at number 2nd in our running shoes ankle support; we have the Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Cross Trainer. A unique web lockdown system enhances the overall look as well as comfort while wearing. This web lockdown system initiates from the middle of the shoe and goes somewhere around the heels to exert positive pressure in the ankle area. No matter if your ankles are swollen or sprained, the breathable upper mesh along with the web lockdown strings will help you run and jog.

Skeletal Rubber Works:

The balanced gait and reduced pressure on the feet and ankle region are dreams of every runner and gym enthusiast. No worries, as the Ryka Women’s Devotion, have listened to your needs and demand and come up with the XT Runners. This pair of shoes has eight skeletal rubber strings, which work simultaneously to reduce the pressure on the ankle region. Now, even any abnormal feet condition would not be able to resist you from pushing your limits! That’s why it is included in the list of Best Running shoe Ankle Support! 

RE-ZORB Lite Pod Network:

What’s noteworthy among all the features is the lightweight molded EVA which equips the full-length RE-ZORB drop-in. The external RE-ZORB has a well-established pod network that resides between the boundary where the midsole and outsole meet. It provides enough flexibility to support the foot’s arch while running but keeps the ankle muscles composed.

Flexible Grooves:

While running, the arch formed underneath your feet needs support! The Ryka Women’s XT Running Shoes have flexible grooves that support the feet from underneath and reduce the overall impact force from the ground.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Webbing lockdown system
  • Lightweight molded EVA
  • RE-ZORB Lite pod network


  • Arch support might be needed

3. JOOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic Shoes:

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Premium Leather:

JOOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneakers are not lacking anywhere in style, outlook, and comfort. No matter if you’re a runner, jogger or simply looking for the best support shoes for your gym sessions, JOOMRA has got you covered. The premium synthetic leather upper material will help you get that vegan look you can carry all day. Additionally, the synthetic leather makes sure that the running shoes can withstand dust and rainwater during your hikes and running sessions.

High Top Style:

Running shoes can be of different styles, and the JOOMRA has got the best one out of all! These high-top running shoes ha a specially designed heel area that can soothe your ankle tissues, muscles, and tendons to prevent tearing and stretching. In turn, you’ll end up having more fun and joyful running experience despite the injuries or swollen bones.

Blade Rubber Outsole:

On the inside, the shoes have immense supportive material employed on the outside as well. The blade rubber sole is depicting visual appeal and offers tremendous comfort and resistance to dust and rainwater.

Aesthetically Drive Design:

Running shoes are not only meant for running but for a stylish and aesthetic look as well. You cannot carry them with any of your gym or training session outfits until they have that appealing look. JOOMRA Men find their place in the best running shoe ankle support list due to their being fashionable and stylish. The handcrafted leather at the toe and heel will depict a modern look and reduce the ground’s overall impact.

Along with the accented overlays, the lacing system will keep your ankle muscles composed. Additionally, the long tongue adds a safety feature to this pair, making it an ideal choice for runners, joggers, and cross-trainers. No wonder why JOOMRA finds a place in the list of Best Running shoe Ankle Support!


  • Leather overlays
  • Handcrafted feel
  • Long safety tongue
  • Premium synthetic leather


  • No room in the toe box

4. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav Trail V1 Running Shoes:

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Comfortable Trail Running Shoes:

Unlike the outdated ones, the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam running shoes presents you with the Fresh Foam Technology. These V1 Running shoes not only offer midsole cushioning but extreme comfort with their precision-engineered technology. Are you looking for a fun ride experience or a joyful running on the trail? The New Balance Men’s Running Shoes Ankle Support will tend to offer all that support and comfort to your swollen ankle muscles that you need to run or jog.

Herringbone Patterned Shoes:

New Balance has got you covered with these versatile V1 running shoes, which are equipped with added traction and a firm outsole to keep things easy. The herringbone-patterned shoes have a non-marked outsole that is flexible yet sturdy enough to bear the impact force from the ground. The added traction will have the lateral movements supported via the firm grip.

Perfect for Running and Tennis:

The flexible midsole and the rugged outsole made these shoes an ideal choice for runners, joggers, and sports enthusiasts. The rugged outsole makes it easier for you to run even on the hard-court ground and on the roads where the impact and rebound energy are higher. Additionally, this pair of shoes keep you in firm balance.

Lightweight Cushioning:

No running shoes can offer such great cushioning as these New Balance Men’s Running Shoes do! The perforation at the forefoot region offers a breathable design, and the REVlite midsole delivers lightweight cushioning and extended overall support. You’ll not only feel lighter but experience an overall firm grip.


  • Perfect for hard court floor
  • Non-marked outsole
  • Breathable fabric
  • Stylish colors


  • Low arch support

5. Reebok Men’s Bb4500 HI 2 Sneakers:

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Leather and Textile:

Being last in our Best Running Shoes Ankle Support list doesn’t mean this Reebok has less potential or so! These BB4500 HI 2 Sneakers hold composite manufacturing with 85% leather and 15% textile material on board. Not only can you wear them on your hiking trips, but you can run, jog or walk all day long. The leather alongside textile material depicts the durability and breathability side by side.

Lightweight Material:

Reebok Men’s BB4500 is equipped with lightweight material, including leather mesh uppers. The leather mesh uppers are in conjunction with the breathable fabric, which is dust and moisture-resistant. Thus, providing you with a blend of support, comfort, and durability, this Reebok has got the attention of a runner who’s currently suffering from ankle or knee pain.

Rubber Outsole:

Next on the features list is the stylish rubber outsole, which tends to bear extraordinary pressure and impact force from the ground. The highly responsive rubber outsole has high abrasion resistance, which adds to the durability of this pair. That’s one reason why a runner blindly trusts this Reebok pair, as it can last more than the traditionally styled running shoes!

Orthotics Inserts:

Additionally, these Reebok Men’s running shoes are equipped with removable orthotics inserts. These inserts feature the EVA sock liner as well, which you can remove and regularly wash to have sanitization. No wonder why Reebok has got a place in the list of Best Running shoe Ankle Support! 


  • Rubber sole
  • Abrasive rubber support
  • Removable sock liner


  • A little hard to wear

Comparison Chart:

Products Brand Sole Material What’s unique?
1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS21 Amazon affiliate link. Brooks Rubber sole Synthetic mesh Loft Crashpad cushion
2. Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer Amazon affiliate link. Ryka Synthetic sole Textile and synthetic Breathable mesh, RE-ZORB Lite pod network
3. JOOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic Shoes. Amazon affiliate link. JOOMRA Rubber sole Synthetic leather upper Blade rubber outsole, handcrafted feel
4. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav Trail V1 Running Shoes. Amazon affiliate link. New Balance Rubber sole 100% synthetic Perfect for hard court, non-marked outsoles
5. Reebok Men’s Bb4500 HI 2 Sneakers. Amazon affiliate link. Reebok Rubber sole Leather and textile Efficient foot support, removable sock liner

Best Running Shoes Ankle Support- Buying guide:

Whether you’re a runner, jogger, or cross-trainer, buying the most suitable and comfort-fit shoes must be your priority. It might be challenging for a professional runner or a jogger to find the ideal one among plenty of available choices. But things can be easier if you know the factors that you need to consider before keeping your hands on the running shoes with ankle support. Worry not, as your next running session will be free from any pain or discomfort as we’ve got you covered with what you need to consider before you purchase the best running shoes.

Factors to consider before buying running shoes:


Whenever it comes to finding the right pair of running shoes, you must look for responsiveness. The ideal shoes are the ones that can adapt to your needs and demands due to their versatile nature. Thus, the number one necessity for the runners is durability and stability which they cannot compromise. It’s better to look for the best running shoes with flexible midsoles and gel-filled heels so that the impact force from the ground can be tackled.

Stability and Comfort:

Another factor that matters the most is stability and preciseness. The running shoes must have a stable base and should keep your feet and ankles protected. Otherwise, a less stable base would result in some injuries and worsen the runners’ situation. Also, the runners complained about the stability more than the cushioning, as it matters more as the distance increases.


Breathability matters on the fabric or the material employed in the manufacturing of running shoes. Synthetic leather and textile fabric are the most common combination for running shoes in the market. Good airflow will prevent the feet from getting hot and sweaty and put you at less risk of giving up the running session.


The following attribute that most runners look for in the Running Shoe Ankle Support is flexibility. While running on uneven terrain, your feet might want a flex. In that case, a flexible pair of shoes will help you get that flex without tearing up your muscles.   


Running in less flexible and poorly stable shoes equals sacrificing your passion. No runner would love to give up his running session in-between due to poorly manufactured shoes. Worry not, as we’ve got you covered with the Best Running Shoes Ankle Support, offering stability, comfort, and convenience even if you’re wearing it all day long.

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