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Training Shoes Vs Running Shoes

Confused about whether the shoes you’re going to buy will be fit for your gym session? Or are they more of running shoes? Do you want shoes for running but the salesman is trying to make you buy training shoes for running? Saying that running is a form of training as well? Well, whatever it may be, there is a fine line between training shoes vs running shoes and we are going to talk just about that today. 

In today’s guide, we are going to show you 2 of our favorite running shoes and 3 running shoes. Hopefully, you will read about enough features to let your mind easily differentiate between training shoes vs running shoes. 

Just a general side note before we proceed; training shoes are generally designed in a way to allow maximum movement flexibility.

Running shoes on the other hand are designed for a more smooth transition from heel to toe stance during gait cycles. They generally feature a significant heel drop, which is something rarely seen in proper training shoes.

Running Shoes and Training Shoes – A Thorough Comparison Between Both Shoe Types

Whether boot camp training, gym-style workouts, long runs, or the treadmill, having the right shoe at your feet solves half of your problems. Analyzing what type of show to wear and on what occasion will assist you in avoiding injuries and delivering your best.

You may have heard about the two prominent shoe types: training shoes and running shoes. While they may look identical, the critical distinction is in their heel drop and sole flexibility.

What are Running Shoes?

Running shoes are designed to accommodate the higher heel drop and for complete movement of heel-to-toe juncture. All of this comes from the result of added support and flexible cushioning. Running shoes are ideal to accompany you for runs and tracks.

Purpose of Running Shoes:

Simply put: running shoes are for running purposes. Yet, the main question is how they help you while you make that long sprint in the race or when you have to jog for hours. Running shoes are designed to provide ultimate protection to your feet when you hit that cement pavement over the footpath time and time again during jogging.

Not only that, running shoes are best equipped with soles that will assist you in maintaining that forward movement. Undoubtedly, running shoes offer a great deal of support and comfort. Their flexible cushioning paves the way for your feet to make constant advanced movements that allow you to keep moving.

While you make that extra leap, it translates into a much higher heel drop. What this does is ensures you stay comfortable all this while when making long and distant forward runs when you require shock absorption.

What are Training Shoes?

Training shoes come in a design to accommodate toe-to-toe movement, often called lateral movement. Basically, they are a real advocate for multi-directional movement. Not only is the sole of the training shoe much straighter compared to the running shoe sole, but they are also much more flexible and enable a massive degree of movement. And you know what is best for you? They are your partner for an evening gym session!

Purpose of Training Shoes:

Since training shoes offer a more significant deal of movement, they pave way for you – like changing patterns in a split second. That includes jumping, breaking, stopping, cutting, and anything you want to do with them. Consider your training shoes as the all-in-one shoe.

Thanks to their highly well-designed cushioning and lateral support, the training shoes allow you to stay comfortable for extended periods. You can even take them for a hike, and they wouldn’t break. They are usually made from high-quality fabric, preventing cracking in the shoe sole.

Which Activities Are Ideal for Training Shoes??

From weight lifting to agility training, training shoes are your go-to for many ‘training’ activities. Weight lifting requires intensity, and that’s why it’s recommended to use training use. The heel support enables you to lower into squats, followed by standing up. Agility training that requires multi-directional movement, the outsole patterns, and grooves on the shoes makes for excellent traction.

If you’re eyeing strength training, the training shoes are well-equipped to make that extra layer of space your footing. Try and pull off short distances on a treadmill. The training shoes are perfect for this activity. Moreover, the training shoes offer maximum cushioning for a more significant impact for outdoor boot camps and high-intensity gym classes.

How Does a Training Shoe Make An Ideal Fit?

For something that provides a flexible midsole, training shoes have a comfortable design to accommodate high levels and intense pieces of training. Training shoes are not only capable of enabling efficient movement, but they’re also extremely lightweight to accommodate as much speed and flexibility as feasible. Their multi-directional movement enables you to lower heel drop and lower toward the ground for a better pivot and push-off.

What Are the Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Workout Shoes?

Choose a pair that is made for running, fits well, and is supportive. It is necessary to renew old shoes frequently. Wearing the incorrect running shoe can result in significant injury. It can cause difficulties with the hips, knees, back, and feet. Tight shoes have caused some people’s toes to become numb. Running can help you stay fit but wearing the wrong shoes can also put you in danger of injury. Some of the problems caused by choosing the wrong workout shoes are uneasiness, low production, and retaining wounds, as discussed below:


An improper pair of shoes can be inconvenient in a variety of ways. Sores, muscle aches, and inflammation are all possible side effects of wearing the wrong size running shoes. That may be the reason why your shoe isn’t quite a fit. The best trainers don’t get in the way at all, allowing you to work out without even realizing any aches or pain.

Low productivity

Running in the incorrect type of shoe can prevent you from giving your best performance. When you’re working hard to improve, the very last thing you want is for your shoes to get in the way. The wrong running shoes can prevent you from rotating rapidly during sprinting. The grip, stability, and flexibility that a workout shoe’s sole provides will not be available to you. Increasing distance or speed may be more challenging without proper padding and support in your running shoes.

Retaining Wounds

To avoid retaining wounds, running and training shoes give certain sorts of support. You should invest in a decent pair of running shoes to prevent bruises and swollen feet. Following are some of the reasons why wearing the wrong shoe for your training can put you at risk of getting wounds:

Running shoes for Sideway movements:

During a sideways movement, putting pressure on your higher heel increases the risk of ankle injuries.

Running shoes for Polymetric Exercises:

Running shoes provide added padding and comfort, which prevent your feet from direct lending and increase your risk of a knee or foot sprain.

Practicing in running shoes:

If you don’t have the padding and protection of running shoes, you will develop plantar fasciitis. It’s frequent among those who wear tight-fitting shoes. If you feel a sharp ache at the edge of your foot, you probably have this condition. The most excellent method to make sure that this pain subsides quickly avoid wearing shoes with insufficient padding.

Practicing in the wrong type of running shoes:

You can develop tendonitis conditions if you don’t wear the right running shoe for your feet. In this condition, your muscles are likely to become inflamed in the foot, within your ankles, or on the outer surface of your foot. This happens when your foot slides in the shoe inward; it’s a hint that your running shoes need to be more structured.

Wearing the proper footwear can help you avoid a variety of foot problems. When running, selecting suitable and well-cushioned shoes is critical for preserving your feet and body from health problems. Serious and costly injuries are possible. You may prevent them by just wearing the appropriate footwear.

Be careful about your shoe size. Shoes that are too tiny might cause your toenails to bruise and fall out. To accommodate for the expansion of your foot during running sessions, you must buy a half a size up shoe.  It’s also plausible that you’ll need to discover the correct shoe width for you.

Let’s See Some Shoes For Training First

1. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe

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Padding is one of the many things you must look for in a shoe, both in training and running. However, the area of padding differs slightly in both types of shoes.

A running shoe, for instance, must have enhanced padding in its ankle and toe area, while a training shoe’s padding must be more versatile to allow seamless movement of the foot in many directions. 

As for this shoe, it has the latter kind of padding. The tongue and collar have especially enhanced paddings which you’ll love when you use them in the gym.

Not only will this cushion your feet from all different movements expected in a gym, for instance jumping and lateral movements, but will also protect them from friction and hence painful scratching of the skin. 

Heel drop 

The shaft of these shoes measures approximately low-top from the arch which is exactly what a training shoe must feature. 

You see, a significant heel drop in a training shoe will not only disrupt your stances and forms in the gym but can also affect your overall performance by affecting your total stability. 

You want as little of a heel drop in a training shoe as possible. This keeps your center of gravity more aligned towards the center of the shoe and your body can focus more on the muscle group under workout than keeping its center of gravity stable. 

Think of wearing heel drop shoes for training as wearing heels for a jog. It’s not the wisest thing to do. 


Support is something almost every shoe, training or running, must have. But again, the kind of support differs. However, arch support is something both training and running shoes must feature for excellent experiences.

These shoes, thankfully, feature an anatomical insole that provides very natural support for the heel and the arches both. And this is quite convenient as most of the training is focused on stances that enhance weight distribution more on either the heels or the arches. The anatomical insole will have you covered for all kinds of training exercises. 


  • Good padding 
  • Nice heel and arch support 
  • The pivot point for smooth and easy turns 


  • A little too snug 
  • Durability could be improved 

2. NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles

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Patterns play an important role in nature. And they do so in shoes as well. Thankfully, most brands have realized this and are starting to incorporate intricate patterns in their shoes. 

These shoes are just perfect for training. The outsole pattern is designed in a way to allow easy transitions between different stances. Plus, the pattern makes them quite a fit for multi-environment usage as well. Not only that, but the pattern also enhances the traction and grip of the shoes. What else could you ask for?


Although not strictly a feature of training shoes since there are a whole lot of categories for lightweight running shoes as well, we still think it’s a nice feature to look for in training shoes. 

Since almost every gym shark out there will prefer lightweight shoes, not every runner will prefer lightweight shoes. Since heavyweight shoes help experienced runners with their form, momentum, and overall stability. 

These shoes are extremely lightweight. And the lightweight feel they give during training sessions is just out of this universe. Not only that, but they provide quite a comfortable experience as well. Lightweight and comfy… the best combo for training shoes. 


No matter how aggressively you train in these shoes, the stitching on them will not come out. Why? Glad you asked since how they’re built is what caught our attention. 

The seamless one-piece construction of the SuperFabric abrasion-resistant material makes these shoes a beast in gyms. With high carbon lateral and medial guards, it’s all you can ask for protection on sidewalls. 

Plus, the one-piece construction makes sure there are as few stitches as possible. This means the chances of stitches coming out are little as well. 


  • Highly durable 
  • Minimalistic design 
  • Great traction and flexibility 


  • A little stiff 
  • The shoes run a little small

Running shoes

3. Under Armour, Women’s Charged Assert 8

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Sock liner 

Under Armour, shoes are one of the best shoes out there for runners who need comfort and cushioning.  The main feature of this shoe is the EVA sock liner. 

This sock liner technology does not only provide soft steps but also extraordinary comfort and just the right amount of cushioning. Also, if you didn’t know already, EVA sock liners are one of the best sock liners that enhance the stability of the shoes.

For all you runners out there with pronation problems, this is something you ought to consider. 


The midsole of Assert 8 features a charged cushioning technology. This implies lesser stamina consumed per mile of running, which means you can run at more stable paces over greater distances. 

The charged cushioning midsole makes sure you experience the greatest of all shock absorptions and energy return. And as we said earlier, bounce back is something every runner needs for better running experiences. 


It might not look like it but the build of this shoe makes it quite sturdy for all types of terrains. The durable leather overlay not only increases the stability by locking into your foot but also adds to the overall durability of the shoes. 

Also, the compression-molded foam in the midsole helps increase the responsiveness of the shoe making it durable enough to run in for a long time. 


  • Very durable 
  • Great responsiveness 
  • Comfortable 


  • The presence of arch support would’ve been better
  • An enhanced heel drop would’ve been nicer as well

4. Adidas Women’s Edge Lux 3 Running Shoe

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Amazon affiliate link. BUY NOW



Women-specific fit 

Nothing beats Adidas in shoes for running or training. For training shoes vs running shoes, Adidas seems to win the game in both. 

The women-specific fit of these running shoes is specially designed for a woman’s feet. Most of the shoes are designed to be non-gender specific and this makes these shoes’ fit not the greatest for all kinds of feet out there. Adidas’s women-specific shoe however wins here since the shoe will fit gently over a lady’s feet according to the curves and arches of her feet. 

This improves the stability of the shoe along with lessening the chances of slipping a foot inside, hence reducing friction and chances of painful, even though not serious, injuries. 

Stretch mesh upper 

The stretch mesh upper has 2 important functions in this shoe. 

First, it is stretchable. This means that its women-specific fit is enhanced even more. A great feature all in all if you consider how passionately this upper will embrace and hug your foot and keep it like a baby. 

Second, it is a mesh. This enhances its breathability and hence makes sure your feet stay fresh during your whole session of running. 

Bounce lite midsole 

Another great feature of this shoe that makes it a perfect running shoe in our guide of training shoes vs running shoes is its excellent bounce back. Adidas shoes have a generally enhanced bounce back and this shoe is no exception. 

The bounce-lit midsole technology of this shoe makes sure that you have a smooth transition from heel to toe and that your muscles are spared for neutralizing the compressions of the stride. This not only stabilizes the pace and form but also increases the speed, that is if you want it to help you run faster. 


  • Excellent bounce-back 
  • Good breathability 
  • Nice fit 


  • Could be a little more durable
  • Arch support could be improved 

5. Nike In-Season TR 9 Women’s Running Shoe

Amazon affiliate link.

Amazon affiliate link. BUY NOW



Dual-density cushioning 

The only famous rivalry in the world of shoes is between Nike and Adidas, and there is no hiding it. We all know it. And both of them will incorporate technologies in their shoes that just keep making them better and better. 

The dual-density cushioning of TR9 makes sure not only are your feet provided with the right amount of cushioning but also enhanced bounce back, which is always a plus. Also, the memory foam sock liner adds more to the cushioning. 


The multi-directional traction pattern makes sure your flexibility of movements is as easy as possible. 

The pattern is featured more on high-wear areas of the outsole, which if you ask us, is a signature move of Nike. Most of their special features are on high-wear and high-impact areas of the shoes. This is great as not only does it make the shoe environment friendly but also helps them be as lightweight as possible. 

Arch support 

For all those people who need medial and lateral arch support on their feet, this is the shoe you ought to go for. 

The flat-on-the-ground, sit-in construction of the shoes, although eliminate high arch support, enhance medial and lateral arch supports. This makes things more comfy and safe for those who want to prevent injuries due to a lack of arch support in shoes.


  • Excellent cushioning and bounce back 
  • Nice traction 
  • Medial and lateral arch support 


  • A little too difficult to tight/loosen the laces 
  • A little too thick on the material

Comparison Chart 

Product Rating  Price range  Dimensions  Weight 
1. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe Amazon affiliate link. 4.3 / 5 $45.31 – $113.99 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches 0.6 lbs 
2. NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles Amazon affiliate link. 4.5 / 5 $129.00 11 x 8.4 x 4.6 inches 1 lb
3. Under Armour, Women’s Charged Assert 8. Amazon affiliate link. 4.6 / 5 $49.95 – $70.00 10.9 x 7.7 x 4.1 inches 0.5 lbs
4. Adidas Women’s Edge Lux 3. Amazon affiliate link. 4.5 / 5 $44.46 – $199.00 11.26 x 7.48 x 4.17 inches 1 lb
5. Nike In-Season TR 9. Amazon affiliate link. 4.7 / 5 $72.74 – $152.71 13.4 x 9.3 x 4.7 inches 1 lb

Buying Guide For Training Shoes Vs Running Shoes

Heel drop 

Heel drop is something a lot of people look for when buying training or running shoes. And it is something you must do as well. 

For running shoes, you should go for the optimum of 10mm heel drop, which is the standard, if you’re a beginner. Running without a proper heel drop will not only fatigue your muscles quickly but can also disturb your form and pace. You can go for a more or a less heel drop as well, but remember, you can injure yourself, or your form and stability if you’re inexperienced.

For training shoes, you want to go for as little of a heel drop as possible, since heel drop during static, standing training sessions can disrupt your form and stance and may cause injuries or painful muscle pulls. 

Cushion and padding 

They play almost equal roles in both running and training shoes. Although the amount and the area of padding matter. 

For running shoes, you want as much cushioning as you can get in your sock liner and as much padding as possible around the heel area and the ankle. 

As for the training shoes, we would recommend an overall comfy cushioning for the whole of the shoe. Although padding around the medial and lateral areas of the foot would be nice to allow for more flexible movements as possible. Also, if you do a lot of jumping exercises, then make sure you have nice padding in the sock liner. 


And that’s it for our precise guide on training shoes vs running shoes. We hope you liked it and found it useful for your next shoe shopping. Happy training, or running, whatever it is you do. 

Do check out these Nike shoes as well if you’re a brand enthusiast.

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